Towering enterprise: Couple turn feed mill into adventure center »

Joe and Mita White have turned a Grand Junction feed mill into an adventure center that will include a trampoline park, obstacle courses and climbing walls on both the inside and outside of the 85-foot-tall silos. The facility also features a Pilates studio. A grand opening for the trampoline park is set for April 25. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle)

Phil Castle, The Business Times Joe White remembers playing at Mesa Feed when his father operated the Grand Junction business, jumping on pallets stacked high with sacks of feed or staging a game of roller hockey on concrete floors. “To me, it was a big…

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Repeat business: Entrepreneur loves starting new ventures »

In addition to his other duties managing his diverse businesses in the Grand Valley, Jon Labrum sometimes puts on a uniform and apron to work at his Jimmy John’s quick-service sandwich restaurants in Grand Junction and Clifton. Labrum recently was named Entrepreneur of the Year. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle)

Phil Castle, The Business Times Jon Labrum starts businesses almost as though he were following some sort of entrepreneurial shampoo instructions. Identify an opportunity. Launch a venture to serve the market. Repeat. Labrum first opened an information technology company, but then added two quick-service sandwich restaurants…

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Inventive venture: Couple has big plans for storage device »

Phil Castle, The Business Times In the beginning there were pots and pans, expensive ones stacked up inside a kitchen cabinet, but difficult to pull out one at a time without moving the whole pile or scratching the nonstick surfaces. Jenny Hall believed there had…

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Manufacturing connections: Summit offers networking opportunity »

Phil Castle, The Business Times Eric Goertz believes it’s important for manufacturers to make connections with other manufacturers, to learn more about what could be not only potential suppliers, but also customers. There’ll be no better chance than at a summit offering a one-stop networking venue for…

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Building his role: Businessman faces different task in leading state group »

Rob Griffin has been a builder most of his life. Through various jobs and his own ventures, Griffin has been involved with everything from apartment complexes to custom homes and even massive aquarium displays. The Grand Junction businessman takes on a far different task, though,…

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Small Business Tax Index 2014

So, how does your state stack up when it comes to imposing tax burdens relating to entrepreneurship, small business and investment? The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council just…

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