Beat burnout: Coach helps entrepreneurs take care of business — and themselves. »

Nikole Stanfield operates Intuition Coaching and helps entrepreneurs to identify and resolve problems associated with burnout. In taking care of business, entrepreneurs must also take care of themselves, Stanfield says. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle)

Phil Castle, The Business Times Nikole Stanfield was not only tired, but also tired of feeling tired. Stanfield took a week off from her digital marketing business in Western Colorado, thinking she could regain some of her energy and motivation. That didn’t help, either.  “At…

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Defying imagination: Reynolds Polymer builds awareness of unique operations »

Work continues on an acrylic tunnel under construction at Reynolds Polymer Technology in Grand Junction. The company manufactures a variety of products for aquariums, swimming pools and architectural features. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle)

Phil Castle, The Business Times From its nondescript exterior, the building housing Reynolds Polymer Technolgy doesn’t appear extraordinary  — a large manufacturing facility by Grand Junction standards, perhaps, but nothing special. The inside tells a far different story. That’s where executives with the company say…

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The Bray way: Executive honored for ethical leadership »

Phil Castle, The Business Times Robert Bray jots notes to himself as encouragement to achieve personal goals — to improve his organizational and public speaking skills, among other things. Bray has kept one of the notes near the desk in his office for more than…

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Heavy lifting: Former businessman enjoys record efforts »

Phil Castle, The Business Times Kevin Triplett has built muscles and businesses and sees some similarities between the two processes. Success depends on setting goals and following plans, but also remaining flexible when unexpected changes arise. More than anything, it requires heavy lifting literal and…

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FREE education: Foundation promotes understanding of economics and business »

Phil Castle, The Business Times John Miller opened the brown paper sack and discovered a pair of socks. He wasn’t thrilled. But he wasn’t that disappointed, either. Consequently, Miller didn’t trade his socks even as other students in the class at Caprock Academy in Grand…

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Mesa County jobless rate holds steady

Phil Castle, The Business Times Even as statistics reflect a steady labor market in Mesa County, Curtis Englehart gleans from first-hand observation what he considers gradual improvement. “It…

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