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Uncertain times require experienced accountants

The hottest topic right now in the accounting industry is how new regulations and changes will affect businesses. Hopefully, I can provide a little clarity on how best to proceed now that tax season is officially here. As an audit principal at Dalby, Wendland & Co., I work in several disciplines within the accounting and […]

It pays to offer rewards for referrals

Referral partners are a powerful thing for any business, especially during times of economic slow down. It is the power of the testimonial and the spoken word that directs a person to buy something from a particular store or vendor. To capitalize on this power, many businesses offer rewards for referrals. Do you know how […]

Commercial real estate investments make sense — and dollars

The crash of the markets in 2007 and subsequent economic recession left many investors with money on the sidelines. But the smart money says it finally could be time to get back in the game. Market conditions have become quite attractive compared to recent years, and the commercial real estate market is no exception. For […]

Markets signal economic expansion maturing

The stock and bond markets have been moving in different directions for the past several months. This divergence could offer a clue we’re entering the late stages of an economic recovery. The correlation between stocks and bonds isn’t a foolproof signal of where we are in the cycle, but it’s possible to make some generalizations. […]

Innovation imperative: How small businesses can become more competitive

With President Barack Obama’s call for the small business community to focus on innovation and creativity to enhance U.S. competitiveness in the world economy, it’s time for entrepreneurs and small business owners to take up the challenge. Startup America is an initiative aimed at strengthening access for entrepreneurs and firms with high-growth potential to a […]

Consumer Confidence Index rises to three-year high

A monthly measure of consumer confidence has climbed to its highest level in three years on more optimistic expectations for business and labor conditions. The Conference Board reported that its Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) rose 5.6 points in February to 70.4. The index now stands at its highest level since hitting 76.4 in February 2008. […]

It’s time for government to perish from the earth

To paraphrase my favorite president, it is time that we here highly resolve that these walking, living, breathing brain-dead shall die in vain — so that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the few, by the few, for the few, shall perish from the earth. […]

Hail to the new chiefs

Two important Western Colorado organizations have new leaders. By all indications, well-qualified and thoughtful people have stepped into those roles. At St. Mary’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Michael McBride is well into a busy first year as the new president and chief executive officer. Meanwhile, Bonnie Petersen has just started as the new executive […]

Proposed dirty dozen tax hikes prove pro-business talk is cheap

A dramatic shift in rhetoric emanating from the Barack Obama White House occurred after the November elections. Before November, anti-business talk and policies reigned. Since the election, President Obama has worked to shift the administration’s tone towards business. As evident by the president’s budget proposal, though, political talk turns out, once again, to be quite […]

Research to study economic effects of Horizon Drive business district

A research project is under way to quantify the economic effects of a business district along Horizon Drive in Grand Junction. “We want to understand both the composition and effects the Horizon Drive District has on the regional economy,” said Lynne Sorlye, general manager of the Clarion Inn and a director of the district board. […]


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