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Depressing lessons: We have nothing to fear but politicians making bad decisions

Since late 2008, the Great Depression has made a big comeback in discussions over the economy and public policy. Unfortunately, the lessons that politicians and pundits say we’re supposed to learn often turn out to be dead wrong. But that’s not surprising. Perhaps no other period in U.S. history is so riddled with errors and […]

Advertising: Is it true I can’t afford to do it?

As a business owner you will be pounded and harassed by everyone and their brother who has the “next big advertising thing” to sell you. It is always amazing and they are typically sold by inexperienced sales people who are only thinking about their own commission. That said – businesses have to advertise to survive. […]

Finding money to grow your business venture

While entrepreneurs often face common challenges – including landing new customers, creating marketing strategies, and understanding accounting – their greatest challenge is usually money, i.e. “access to capital”. This is a meaty topic, but one that is on many business owners’ minds today. As our economy shifts and evolves, this is a good time to […]

How effectively are you managing your plate?

The quality of your life and business are directly related to how well you manage all that is on your plate. Routinely, business owners take on so many projects and responsibilities that they become overwhelmed, confused and burned-out, eventually losing their way on the road to creating the happiness and success they desire. “Plate management” […]

Investment information at your fingertips

Bob Kretschman, Mesa County Libraries:  Accurate and current information is crucial to the success of any investment strategy. Mesa County Libraries can serve as a one-stop shop for much of the important information that individual investors need to make the best decisions about their finances. With your Mesa County Libraries card and access to a computer, […]

401k good business?

Craig Hall, The Business Times:  “It really comes down to a simple question,” says Patterson McKinlay of Moody Insurance Agency, “And that is simply whether or not your employees want a 401k plan and will they participate.” Too many employers rush to offer a plan only to find out that just the owners and officers enroll […]

Investment protection

Craig Hall, The Business Times:  Whether it is your business, your home or your family, these all fall into the category of something you have invested a lot of time, money and effort into and you should have a plan to protect these investments. “Oddly, it is something that many business owners simply overlook,” says Jamie […]

Gold is still the standard

Craig Hall, The Business Times:  Investment in gold and other precious metals is still very active,” say Teresa Mays, owner of Hedge Company in Grand Junction, “But owners should expect a bumpy ride as the world markets remain unsettled.” Mays points to a report she received six months ago stating that gold owners should expect daily […]

Real estate still providing opportunities

Craig Hall, The Business Times:  While the real estate market may be considered still going down to some, it is also providing a unique opportunity for others who can now afford to buy their own property at the today’s low prices, and even attracting some first time investors. But the trends in the Grand Valley show […]

Investment outlook: Time to take a step back

Craig Hall, The Business Times:  “Given all of the volatility in the financial markets in recent months and quarters, I believe we need to step back and remember that the market is dynamic,” says Todd Owen, Regional Investment Manager, Colorado, for Wells Fargo. Todd notes that markets have historically been a resource to raise capital for […]


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