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The business of nonprofits: issues often different

Debate often arises when talking about whether or not it’s advisable to run a nonprofit organization like a business. Some believe traditional for-profit business strategies are helpful in pushing nonprofits to deliver value. But others believe there’s little common ground between profit-driven and mission-driven organizations. In fact, both arguments are correct.  Nonprofits should operate as […]

Consider four options for growing your business

There are four simple options to consider when looking to strategically grow your business. Note the word strategic: This is not about just working harder or making more things in hopes of growing your business, it’s about developing a plan that makes sense for how to grow your business for the long term.  Before we […]

Make your job easier: Work within your preferences

Have you ever hated going to work because you dread the tasks that await on your desk? If you have employees, have you ever had hard-working staffers who, no matter how talented, just felt like they were square pegs in round holes?  There are lots of smart, able people out there doing work that’s not […]

LinkedIn great way to make business connections

Twitter generates more than 340 million tweets daily and Facebook continues to grow past the 1 billion active user mark, meaning the roots of social media are planted firmly in our lives and relationships. The challenge for businesses and particularly highly professional or business-to-business relationships is to find a way to use social media in […]

Doing business in booms and busts: It’s time for exploration

The Grand Valley sits in the center of a region full of extremely valuable natural resources. Although exploration and production activity has slowed for now, these resources will be in demand again once commodity prices exceed the costs to extract the goods. These demand cycles have shaped our economy for more than 50 years. So, […]

What’s in a name? For new ventures and products, a lot

Naming a product, and especially a new business, is really hard.  There’s a lot of pressure to pick a great name. The name should be catchy and memorable, sophisticated and appealing and something customers will love.  The sad truth is this task is so daunting that all too often entrepreneurs give up the struggle and […]

Why 80 percent finished is good enough

Most entrepreneurs start a business because they have a great idea for a product or service and think they can make money selling it. Entrepreneurs take on considerable risk in launching ventures and then pushing businesses forward until they either take off or run out of money. But all too often, entrepreneurs are dreamers far […]

Change: How to navigate the good and bad

Change in business, when it’s positive, normally means business growth. As the economy eases its way out of recession, many businesses are starting to grow again.  Most people focus only on the rosy aspects of business growth: new customers, more sales and an easing of cash flow constraints. Yet, there also are challenges: time pressure, […]

Develop a business strategy one step at a time

As the cottonwoods in my neighbor’s yard drift from green to yellow, fall winds push away the feel of our long, hot summer. This time of year brings reminders of change and signs of transition all around us. From a business standpoint, this a great time to reflect on the tremendous changes we’ve seen recently […]

Growing a business requires focused effort

For a few years now, I’ve been consulting with “second stage” companies across the country in support of their business development efforts. In virtually every case, I get to hear all about how much customers love them, how great they think their products and services are, and yet how hard it is to find time […]


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