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I don’t want it, especially if I can’t park out front

That’s by far the most frequent reason I keep hearing as to why everyone in the city should vote no on the new events center in Grand Junction: Where, for the love of all monoliths, will everyone park? Let’s forget for the moment this argument indicates the hassle of parking would mean whatever event at […]

In the event I changed my mind, I’m going to the center

Yeah, a tad corny I know, but it is what it is. I suppose this will surprise some folks as well, given my penchant for being against just about everything government tries to do in terms of making our lives better. But just because I don’t like the method, project or what the government decides […]

Once a year, I find myself here

And that would be in a place with either little or no energy to write and zero interest in much of anything in the news. Or perhaps with all that’s gone on in my life over the past six months and finding myself between two trips with only two days to work these past two […]

Upon further review of the left … it’s all about Trump

Let’s just break this down to brass tacks. This whole election brouhaha isn’t about rights. Rights of any kind. Not LGBT rights, immigrant rights or women’s rights. This isn’t about free speech. It’s not about executive orders gone wild. The fact is, this whole uproar over Trump is about simply one thing: Trump. And no, […]

1, 2, 3, 4 …. what the heck we marching for?

As I’m sure you did, I watched with interest the protests and marches the weekend after Donald Trump was sworn in as 45th president of the United States. The protests the day of the inauguration are the easiest to figure out. These are the same folks who want to go out and “protest” because it’s […]

Is it a new day in America? Or is it just another day?

On Jan. 20, we know Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. But as I’ve said from the beginning stages of Trump’s campaign for the highest office in the land, it’s the stuff we don’t know that concerns me. And that is much to the chagrin of many […]

New Year’s wish for 2017: I hope your find your hope

I know that sounds like an odd headline after eight years of one president’s version of hope and in comparing that to the coming four years of the next president’s version of hope. But that’s the problem of putting our hope in other humans. I’m here to tell you it’s wrong if you rely on […]

Crony capitalism is as crony capitalism does

And it knows no party. Read that again: Crony capitalism knows no party. And to the great surprise of many (who still refuse to see it), all it took was the Carrier deal to show just how out of touch with freedom and economics our elected leaders are. Trump supporters are gleefully screaming from the […]

Elections have consequences, none good for the people

This past election, with our country being so divided, apathetic or sycophantic in the electorate, proves one thing: The federal government no longer works for the people. As Abraham Lincoln so famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our rulers know this. That’s why they allow all of the rhetoric, venom and violence […]

We haven’t yet voted away our republic, but we’re trying

That said, I am saddened that many Americans have fallen for the line that somehow or other voting is “our most sacred duty” that we hear myriad times from the major political players.  It simply isn’t. Is voting important? You bet! Is voting as sacred as politicians declare? Not one bit. GETTING your vote is […]


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