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Dale Beede, a Certified Commercial Investment Member, is broker and partner of Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties in Grand Junction. Reach him at 243-7375. For more information about Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties in Grand Junction, log on to

Commercial real estate outlook improving

Is Mesa County still trying to work its way out of the recession of 2008? Yes. Are there plenty of vacant industrial buildings from which to choose? Yes. Is this a great time to buy? Emphatically yes. Remembering the days of the oil shale bust in 1982, recall that it wasn’t until six years later […]

Use capital rate to estimate property value

Any real estate appraiser will tell you there are three primary methods used to properly evaluate the appraised value of a property: the cost approach, income approach and market data approach.  The first approach determines the cost to construct improvements on the existing parcel less any deferred maintenance or obsolescence. The market data approach looks […]

Technology changing real estate marketing

Experienced commercial real estate brokers know their customers demand more from them than just planting a for sale sign and praying. Fortunately, new technology is available to significantly assist agents in developing a marketing program that shines within the industry. Professional photography, for example, has evolved so that photographers work with computer systems to create images that far […]

In high-tech world, real estate knowledge still key

The world is awash in new technology, and the real estate industry is no exception. How did we ever sell and lease real estate before cell phones? We performed those same functions, although a bit slower. We met face-to-face with clients more regularly than we do today. And then we thought fax machines were the […]

Give you real estate holdings a checkup

When it comes to investment real estate, what kind of owner are you? Are you a hands-on, take-care-of-maintenance-on-a-scheduled-basis kind of owner? Or are you the “If they haven’t called me, everything must be fine” kind of owner? As A.A. Milne, author of the Winnie-the-Pooh children’s books, once said, “One of the advantages of being disorderly […]

Real estate investment pros outweigh cons

The approach of a new year affords a new opportunity to consider real estate as an investment. If we use the tried-and-true Benjamin Franklin approach to making decisions, it becomes clearer to see why a real estate investment in 2015 might make sense. So bear with me as I review some of the pros and […]

Changing weather can change minds about property management

Just when you think summer will go on forever, a cold wave from Alaska hits and it’s “welcome to winter.” Have you tried to hire a roofer or plumber lately? With the heavy fall rains in the Grand Valley and recent bone-chilling temperatures, leaky roofs, frozen pipes, water breaks and furnaces that won’t run are […]

Commercial real estate outlook encouraging

Several national sources list Colorado as the state with the fastest-growing economy in the nation. We all know Denver and Front Range communities have experienced fantastic growth in payrolls as well as housing prices and industrial lease rates. Meanwhile, the Grand Junction economy seems to be plugging along. We’re reminded that we tend to follow […]

Leasing activity keeping brokers busy

The commercial real estate market in the Grand Valley continues to try to strengthen. Local real estate activity has remained quite busy, and 2013 has seen investor purchases for the first time since 2008. However, it’s commercial leasing activity that’s kept local commercial brokers busy into the holidays. It happens toward the end of each […]

Real estate offers good options for retirement income

As baby boomers approach retirement, it can become readily apparent if they’re falling short of having the necessary investments to secure their future. Perhaps their 401(k)s have taken some large hits over the past several years. Or those investments that were supposed to carry them into retirement bliss turned out to be incredible failures.  Whatever […]


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