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Erika Jones is the Owner and Lead Consultant at Synergy Marketing Consultants, a Grand Junction-based marketing firm that uses a unique hybrid media strategy for helping their clients see their vision of success come to life. Learn more at or call Erika at 970-812-7030.

Three priorities for mobile strategies

Mobile communications technology has changed human behavior in a very short time. In fact, mobile technology has become the No. 1 platform businesses use to communicate with their customers. What makes this possible is the fact that more than 91 percent of mobile users keep their devices within reach at all times. Applications are following […]

Marketing and motherhood a lot alike

Marketing and motherhood. While you might wonder what those two things could possible have in common, there’s quite a bit, actually. Both are usually a hot mess in the beginning. But then you figure it out and realize it’s something you have to do well or you could cause some pretty bad damage.   Trust […]

Five steps to better mobile searches

Mobile searches seem to be on everyone’s lips right now. We talk about it all the time in the office, and clients often ask what they can do to conduct successful mobile campaigns.   A good mobile search strategy isn’t just an option for small businesses, it’s a must. With 95 percent of mobile users […]

Better mobile website just three steps away

Creating a mobile website constitutes a challenge within itself. Creating a mobile website Google loves is even harder.   You first must understand and harness the power of mobile. With 53 percent of American consumers using their smartphones to access search engines at least once a day and 95 percent of those searches for local […]

If you tell it, they will come …

How do I drive more traffic to my website or blog? It seems as though about 70 percent of my clients have asked me this question. This makes me wonder whether or not I’m effectively communicating an important message: If you build it, you have to tell someone about it. It’s not enough to simply […]

Ready to make the most of the mobile revolution?

We keep hearing about the mobile revolution. But what does that mean? More importantly, what does it mean to your business?  The mobile revolution is simply that: a revolution in the way we interact, shop, search, live and grow.  This isn’t something that might or might not happen. It’s already happening — and fast. We’re […]

What does your website tell customers?

A decade ago, Internet websites were something for only the “big” companies. Today, a website is nothing less than a nonnegotiable essential: If you can’t be found online, you won’t remain in business. Most business owners realize this and offer websites. What they might not consider, though, is what their websites really tell customers. Does […]

Self-examination tough, but important

Take a long, hard look at your business. Do you like what you see? While this is often a difficult task for business owners, it can be an important one. Time presents the first obstacle to a critical self-examination. How many owners take time out of their businesses to work on their businesses? It’s hard […]

Videos increasingly popular marketing tool

 With video engagement on the rise and marketing budgets on the decline, it’s important to look at where you can get the largest return on investment. Video offers an effective way to drive a message home, drive traffic to your Web site or Facebook page or just increase awareness of your brand.  At my marketing […]

The multi-channel effect on tracking your marketing

       Something that every business owner should know is that they need to have a multi-channel approach to marketing their business. Be it a multi-digital approach including texting, website, and social media or a multi-channel approach with television, radio, print and social and website media. The fact is, pretty much every business out […]


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