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John Gribben is founder and president of Triad EAP, an employee assistance program serving employers in Colorado and surrounding states. Triad EAP provides support for employers and employees confronted by a variety of unresolved personal and work-related problems. Gribben also belongs to the Western Colorado Human Resource Association. Reach Gribben at 242-9536, or by visiting the Web site at For more information about the WCHRA, log on to

Do wellness programs work?

The New York Times recently published a story headlined “Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work? Usually Not.” Understandably, the story got the wellness community gnashing its teeth and wondering how anyone could possibly question the value of wellness.  Surely, traditional wellness programs that encourage employees to adopt such healthy practices as increasing physical activity, eating healthy […]

Workplace violence prevention policy pays off in added safety

Editor’s note: The following is the second part of a two-part column exploring problems associated with workplace bullies and violence. Consider this hypothetical, but all too common, scenario. Carl, a disgruntled employee, has an angry outburst at Mary, his supervisor. He storms out of the building yelling veiled threats to company leaders. Co-workers have been […]

Employers must address workplace threats

Editor’s note: The following is the first part of a two-part column exploring problems associated with workplace bullies and violence. One of your best supervisors, Mary, steps into your office, closes the door and struggles to tell you something.  Obviously upset and fearful, she explains she’s just come from a meeting with one of her […]

Achieving well-being: Happiness at work among five essential elements

I was confused and a little miffed when I first starting reading “Well-Being: The Five Essential Elements” by Tom Rath and Jim Harter. I own Triad EAP, a Western Slope-based employee assistance program, and thought that surely the “five elements” would include emotional and mental well-being. Every day I observe the chaos and pain that […]


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