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Michael Santo is a partner in Bechtel & Santo, a Grand Junction law firm that emphasizes employment law services for businesses. Santo also belongs to the Western Colorado Human Resource Association. For more information about the WCHRA, log on to

Yes, Virginia, there are many factors in contractor test

Dear Employer’s Advisory: Some of my friends say that there is only one test to determine if a worker is an independent contractor — whether or not the worker performs work for another company during the contract period. I don’t think that’s right — there have to be other factors considered. But my Dad says, […]

Bonuses sometimes counted in calculating overtime pay

XYZ Company is in trouble. The company reported another month of declining profits. The board of directors is growing frustrated and the president is afraid to answer his telephone. In a last-ditch effort to sell more widgets, the president pitches an offer to an account he’s long sought. But there’s a catch: To close the […]


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