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Phil Castle is editor of the Grand Valley Business Times, a twice-monthly business journal published in Grand Junction. Castle brings to his duties nearly 30 years of experience in editorial management positions with Western Colorado newspapers. In addition, his free-lance work has appeared in a variety of publications, including the Washington Post. He holds a bachelor's degree in technical journalism from Colorado State University.

Genetic testing offers owner’s manual for body

Phil Castle, The Business Times Diet, exercise, medications, and supplements all play important roles in promoting health and fitness. But how much more important would those roles be if the factors were tailored to the unique genetic characteristics of an individual? “We really dial it down to a personal level,” said Kellie Caldwell, a business […]

Lawyer: Fresno tech effort worth repeating

Phil Castle, The Business Times A lawyer involved in efforts to grow the technology sector in a rural and agricultural area believes the approach that worked in the Central Valley of California also could work in the Grand Valley of Colorado. “This can happen in Grand Junction, too,” said Jake Soberal, chief executive officer and […]

A place to work: Fruita co-working space seen an attraction

Jon Maraschin, executive director of the Business Incubator Center in Grand Junction, expects the F-Works co-working space in the Fruita Civic Center to help promote business
startups and economic development as well as tourism. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle)

Phil Castle, The Business Times Within minutes of ceremonially opening F-Works, Jon Maraschin was already talking to someone about signing up for dedicated desk space in the co-working facility in Fruita. It’s a response that reflects what’s expected will be strong demand to use the space in the Fruita Civic Center. “Fruita needs a place […]

Mesa County labor update: jobless rate down, labor force up

Phil Castle, The Business Times The unemployment rate continues to drop and the labor force keeps growing in Mesa County as a more diversified economy drives improving conditions. “That’s what we like to see,” said Curtis Englehart, director of the Mesa County Workforce Center in Grand Junction. According to the latest estimates from the Colorado […]

Challenge grant expected to boost funding for West Springs expansion

A $2 million challenge grant is expected to help raise the funding needed for a psychiatric hospital expansion under construction in Grand Junction. Mind Springs Health, an organization that provides services in Western Colorado and operates the West Springs Hospital in Grand Junction, announced the grant. The grant includes a $1,000,000 gift from a Roaring […]

Mesa County tax collections surge

Phil Castle, The Business Times Mesa County tax collections surged in March because of continued strong sales as well as payments for past sales. The county collected a total of nearly $2.8 million in sales and use taxes, a 23.7 percent increase over what was collected during the same month last year. The proportional year-over-year […]

Students pitch ideas at E-Day competition

Phil Castle, The Business Times Three Colorado Mesa University students have come up with an idea they believe will save time, money and lives in a hand sanitizing system for hospitals and other health care facilities. Kordale Bator presented the winning pitch for the idea in the finals of an elevator pitch competition conducted as […]

Life in the serial aisle: Starting ventures an adventure for entrepreneur

Andy Kelley oversees Terra Surface Logging Systems, a Grand Junction company that supplies gas detection and recording equipment used in drilling natural gas and oil wells. Kelley, a serial entrepreneur who’s operated a succession of ventures, was recognized for his efforts in receiving the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle)

Phil Castle, The Business Times Andy Kelley initially aspired to become a television repairman. But in his first job out of college, he went to work instead in the energy services industry. It was a path that led Kelley to a career as a serial entrepreneur. He bought the first company for which he worked. […]

The moral of the stories: Entrepreneurs change the world

Phil Castle, The Business Times Daniel Ritchie has worked as a business executive and university chancellor and joined in a variety of philanthropic efforts over the course of his long and varied career. Still, he’s more likely to play supporting rather than leading roles in the stories he tells about entrepreneurship. Like the story about […]

What beagles can teach us about how to run a business

Is this a column about beagles or businesses? Perhaps both. I ponder this after enduring what everyone who’s ever cared for a pet dreads: saying goodbye to an aged, but beloved companion. In my case, it was a beagle who’s official American Kennel Association title was Walnut Manor Isabella, but always seemed content to respond […]


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