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Rebecca Weitzel is lead advisor in Mesa County for Health Links, a nonprofit worksite wellness initiative of the Colorado School of Public Health, and wellness manager and consultant at Hilltop Community Resources in Grand Junction. For more information and resources on worksite wellness, call Weitzel at 244-0698 or log on to or

Integrate, not balance, to enjoy work and life

You’ve seen it at parks and gymnastics meets. You’ve been dazzled by it at the circus. But if you’ve ever tried walking along a slack line, balance beam or tight rope, you know it takes concentration, control and lots of practice to remain steady and not fall. For many of us, finding balance — whether […]

Natural approach at work bolster productivity

Think back to the last time you felt truly calm, peaceful and void of stress, Where were you? What did you see? What sounds did you hear? Odds are you weren’t standing in a busy grocery store line, driving your car through traffic chaos — or sitting in your office staring at your computer screen. […]

Moving efforts promote healthier lifestyles

If you’ve ever had a chance to browse your parents’ or grandparents’ high school yearbooks from the 1950s, you’ve probably noticed a couple of things. First, everyone looks like they’re 30 years old. Second, almost no one is overweight. While clothing choices and hairstyles likely explain the first observation, what explains the second? Why have […]

First, do no harm: Some practices hurt employees

If you believed, like I did, physicians swear to “first, do no harm” when they graduate from medical school, you’d be wrong. Even though doctors might not actually make that pledge, the idea — not hurting people — is one business leaders should consider. While most leaders would never hurt their employees on purpose, it’s […]

Making connections: Little acts lead to a big difference

What if you had to take a pop quiz that included this question: What is the No. 1 public health crisis we face today? Which answer would you choose? A. poor nutrition. B. lack of exercise. C. loneliness. Most people would likely pick A or B — and for good reasons. Poor nutrition and lack […]

Resolved to do better? Help’s available

As the first month of the new year gives way to the second, many New Year’s resolutions disappear. Why are we so eager and confident when we write down our goals, yet so easily and quickly revert to our old ways? One reason this happens is the version of our self that sets goals, the […]

Don’t slip slide away: Take steps to prevent workplace accidents

You can learn a lot by watching videos of adorably tuxedoed penguins — and not just about how to dress for your next formal holiday party. If you watch closely, you’ll see their straight-backed, wide, flat-footed walking pattern offers a good model for how to move gracefully on snow and ice and in turn help […]

Unhappy holidays: Identifying depression in the workplace

Holiday decor and store displays remind us the holiday season quickly approaches. While this time of year offers a wonderful source of cheer, the holidays increase feelings of sadness and despair for some. We all experience the blues once in a while. But feelings that persist two weeks or more or those that interfere with […]

Kicking the habit: Employers play key role

If you knew thousands of dollars were circling the drain at your business every year because of a single behavior, would you address the situation? What if you also knew this behavior caused more deaths than accidents, AIDS, alcohol abuse, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined? It’s difficult to imagine ignoring something that causes this […]

With wellness programs, engaging efforts pay off

Type worksite wellness benefits into your favorite Internet search engine and you’ll likely discover a long list of articles that show how wellness programs increase productivity and reduce turnover and costs. It’s true well-designed worksite wellness programs unlock these great benefits — but only if employees participate. So how do you encourage people to engage? […]


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