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Robert Ellis is principal at Ellis CPA, a Grand Junction-based firm that serves closely held businesses throughout the United States. For more information, call 241-5040 or visit

Survival depends on keeping business in equilibrium

We’re already four years into the recession that never ends. The government is befuddled They’ve thrown everything they had at the recession, including the pots and pans, and it didn’t respond. Everything slid off like water off a duck’s back. Now we’re out of money, we’re out of ideas and we’re bankrupt. If this is […]

Secret to survival in financial statements

The key issue for businesses today is surviving long enough to make it through the recession. In my days as an executive with a Fortune 400 company and global bankcard, we had entire departments monitoring the economy. Here’s my take. As far as I can tell, the economy isn’t recovering, moneyed people are frantically looking […]

Trimming tax liability could be a matter of survival

Remember when the junk hit the fan back in 2008? Everyone and his dog was yelling about the imminent economic collapse. Three years later, a lot has certainly occurred: bailouts, unemployment, housing slump, business failures, you name it. If it was bad, it probably happened. But, pretty much unreported, something amazing happened during the same […]

Now is the time to prepare for coming tax increases

There’s a blizzard of tax increases headed our way. If you’re a small business owner or practicing professional, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to survive this onslaught. In the next few years, you can expect four significant tax increases. The first two are already legislated. The third is under debate in […]


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