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Tax Freedom Day cause for celebration or complaint?

With the exception of those who’ve filed for extensions, most of those reading this have completed their federal and state income tax returns for 2016. That’s the good news — at least in terms of seeing that onerous task finished for another year. Here’s the bad news. You’re going to have to work a bit […]

World — and commercial real estate — rapidly changing

The world is changing — and commercial real estate along with it —  according to speakers at the Coldwell Banker Commercial global conference in Nevada. “First, the world is changing quickly and the commercial real estate market is changing with it,” said Fred Schmidt, chief executive officer of Coldwell Banker Commercial. Schmidt said the online […]

Put your heart into fitness with cardio

It’s no secret: To stay healthy, we must get our bodies moving every day. Movement strengthens our muscles, including our heart. Did you know the heart is the only muscle that never stops working?    Cardiovascular exercise keeps the heart strong. Learning what cardio exercise is and why it’s important is the first step. From […]

How much do you care about your customers?

The more you and your team care about customers — and consistently demonstrate it — the higher their level of satisfaction with the products and services you provide. As a result, you’ll become not only the primary solution to fulfill their purchasing wants and needs, but also the well-deserved recipient of their gracious comments and […]

Moving efforts promote healthier lifestyles

If you’ve ever had a chance to browse your parents’ or grandparents’ high school yearbooks from the 1950s, you’ve probably noticed a couple of things. First, everyone looks like they’re 30 years old. Second, almost no one is overweight. While clothing choices and hairstyles likely explain the first observation, what explains the second? Why have […]

North Avenue evolution a matter of time

Four years ago I attended the Rocky Mountain Commercial Brokers conference in Avon. The keynote speaker was Clark Andersen, who as director of Community Builders works all over the Western United States helping smaller communities with transportation planning.    Clark discussed the role of context-based transportation planning in economic development. He cited Bozeman, Mont., as […]

Are you empowering your team members to think?

Business owners and managers frequently ask me, “How do you teach people to think?” This is a powerful question, one which can pave the way to a significant improvement in results. The answer: By learning to become a mentor and effective communicator and encouraging your team members to think for themselves. If you want your […]

Something to sneeze at: Allergies costly for employers and employers

Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, peach trees are budding and everything is flourishing. That includes the sneezes, wheezes and itchy irritation from seasonal allergies. Allergies can make getting through the workday a task in itself and cause lost focus and productivity. By one estimate, 19 million employed adults suffer from allergic rhinitis […]

Find success in retail sales ventures

Successful real estate sellers understand properly positioning a property for sale could make the difference between failure and success. If the property is vacant, is it clean? Does it enjoy good curb appeal? Would others want to locate their businesses or families there? Is proper signage in front so passersby know the property is for […]

HR association provides resources

When you think of networking, the first thought that comes to mind might be hunting for a job and using your connections to find positions to which to apply While the benefits of networking are obvious for job seekers, they’re sometimes underestimated when it comes to business and human resource management. Networking is an important […]


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