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Resolve to become a better investor in 2017

Andrew Adams, an investment strategist with Raymond James, recently penned some New Year’s resolutions for investors. This column borrows heavily from his piece. Invest. Most people remain woefully underinvested, Adams noted. “No one looks back and says ‘I should have saved less money.’” Invest first in yourself, building skills and possibly in your own business. […]

Will you enhance your team’s capabilities in 2017?

Individual capability expands, contracts or remains static depending on whether or not it receives the stimulation needed to grow and develop. “I’m in a rut” is a phrase born of languishing potential. Owners, team members and companies get in ruts, too, and this must be overcome if they’re to expand their capabilities. The way out […]

Child care investments pay returns

There are an estimated 14.6 million working families with children under 6 years old in the United States. In 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 64 percent of mothers with children under 6 were in the labor force, as were 58 percent of mothers with infants under 1. By one estimate, more […]

Don’t slip slide away: Take steps to prevent workplace accidents

You can learn a lot by watching videos of adorably tuxedoed penguins — and not just about how to dress for your next formal holiday party. If you watch closely, you’ll see their straight-backed, wide, flat-footed walking pattern offers a good model for how to move gracefully on snow and ice and in turn help […]

Avoid hurdles during busy retail season

’Tis the season to be jolly, not broke. Many small retailers earn 25 percent or more of annual revenues during the Christmas shopping season. Consequently, stagnant holiday sales can trigger a death spiral in the coming year. The Small Business Administration has compiled a list of six hurdles small retailers face during the holiday shopping […]

How do your customers feel about your business?

No doubt you can recall some experiences as a consumer that left you with good, if not a great, feelings about a business. The value you received endeared you to the company, creating loyalty and repeat business. The money and time you spent was well worth it and you walked away with a positive, satisfied […]

How to keep your resume from getting screened out

Have you ever sent out a resume and never heard anything back? Have you ever wondered what recruiters consider and why they screen out some resumes? You’re not alone. There’s so much information out there on how to write resumes and the do’s and don’ts of style and word choice. But there isn’t very much […]

This year, set goals — not resolutions

We’re approaching a new year and the overwhelming tradition of resolutions. Jan. 1 of every year has become that day when we make our lists and proclaim this will be the year we change our lives for the better. Losing weight, breaking bad habits and saving money usually top the lists. Will your New Year’s […]

Real estate professionals help to make holidays happier

While the holidays bring blessings to so many, others struggle this time of year. Many families that work hard just to put food on the table face additional challenges during this season. Local real estate professionals help to buy and sell houses and properties, but also help to create happy Christmas memories. Members of the […]

With the election over, economics trumps politics

The market response to the surprising results of the presidential election has been interesting. From the Monday prior to election to the last day of November, the broad market as measured by the Standard & Poor’s 500 moved up about 6 percent. While it seems like the market has been soaring higher, it’s mostly recovering […]


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