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With the election over, economics trumps politics

The market response to the surprising results of the presidential election has been interesting. From the Monday prior to election to the last day of November, the broad market as measured by the Standard & Poor’s 500 moved up about 6 percent. While it seems like the market has been soaring higher, it’s mostly recovering […]

Do professional issues sabotage your personal life?

In my previous column, I elaborated on several potential negative side effects associated with bringing personal baggage to work. I described the fall even long-term top performers experience when they’re unable to effectively manage personal issues in the workplace. I also explored the domino effect these uncontrolled issues can have on fellow team members, customers […]

Take a break and return to work recharged

The sedentary routines, musculoskeletal disorders and stress associated with the workplace present major health problems that increase illness and lost time while decreasing productivity. Stepping away from the desk and taking full advantage of breaks help to counter these problems.  With constant deadlines and time crunches, taking a break from a project might seem counterproductive. […]

Take steps to fight the holiday fluff

With the eventful holiday season upon us, our lives seem to go into overdrive. Busy schedules, end-of-the-year work obligations and projects and preparing for the big day can derail our best intentions to eat well and go to the gym. With a little planning, though, you can hit the holidays running (pun intended) and beat […]

Mentorships help bridge skills gap

One of the biggest issues coming out of the Great Recession that continues to plague businesses is a lack of qualified applicants for many semi-skilled to highly skilled positions in a variety of industries. Business leaders, economists and politicians have been talking about the skills gap for several years, yet the reality of jobs going […]

Tax incentives offer welcome breaks for parents

From the moment you take your newborn baby home to the time you help them out of the nest, you’ll incur numerous costs in the 20 something years in between. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates it costs the average middle-income family in the United States about $304,500 to raise a child born today. This […]

Do personal issues inhibit professional performance?

Business owners, managers and anyone else in leadership roles exert the largest influence — positive or negative — in the workplace. Team members look to these individuals for direction and guidance. When leaders become lost in their own personal issues or are unable to separate from them on the job, teams are affected to some […]

Unhappy holidays: Identifying depression in the workplace

Holiday decor and store displays remind us the holiday season quickly approaches. While this time of year offers a wonderful source of cheer, the holidays increase feelings of sadness and despair for some. We all experience the blues once in a while. But feelings that persist two weeks or more or those that interfere with […]

Plan to prosper: Success seldom a random event

What does the term “financial success” mean to you? As a professional financial planner, I know the first and most important interaction I have with people is the initial meeting, where my job is to listen well as I complete a success inventory that tries to capture clients’ values, situations, goals and challenges in a […]

What a relief: Follow these tips for reducing holiday stress

The holiday season is just around the corner. While most of us look forward to gathering with family and friends, the holidays also bring stress that takes a toll on our health and workplace productivity. For many businesses, this is crunch time. Increased sales and service deliveries, end-of-year reports and completing projects before winter weather […]


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