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Outdoors really is great in recruiting businesses

Efforts to attract entrepreneurs to the Grand Valley as a great place to both work and play appear to be working. It’s become an effective strategy at a time of growing discontentment with the high prices and suffocating congestion of life in big cities. Add the RockyMounts bicycle rack manufacturer to the list of outdoor […]

Finally, a place where seldom is heard a discouraging word

Seldom have there been heard fewer discouraging words about business and labor conditions in Mesa County. Growing gains come with growing pains — chief among them a tighter labor market that makes it more difficult for businesses to hire employees as well as higher housing costs. Overall, though, the news couldn’t be much better — […]

Young entrepreneurs hold promise of a bright future

It’s sorely tempting for members of one generation to dismiss members of a younger generation as generally possessing less of the skills or work ethic required to achieve success. It’s easy to stereotype the younger generation as too obsessed with smartphones, social media and video games to ever amount to much. It’s ridiculous, of course, […]

In connecting the dots, business opportunities emerge

It’s always interesting — and instructive —  to observe the potential links among stories published in the Business Times. It’s kind of like connecting the dots to see what kind of picture emerges. Consider three stories in this issue reporting the opening of a co-working space in Fruita and staffing firm in Grand Junction as […]

Entrepreneurial stories offer important lessons

Entrepreneurship Day at Colorado Mesa University affords a remarkable opportunity for a business journal, a kind of one-stop shop for stories about successful entrepreneurs and the advice they offer other business owners and managers. The whole point of entrepreneurial stories with happy endings isn’t so much they make everyone feel good, but they offer important […]

Here’s to filling the labor pipeline

One result of an improving economy is an improving labor market that offers more opportunities to those looking for jobs, but also presents additional challenges to businesses looking for employees. It’s heartening, then, to hear about the variety of efforts underway to fill the pipeline of qualified job applicants as well as the collaboration among […]

Economic analysis no laughing matter

Go ahead and make all the jokes you want about economists. Why did President Harry Truman call for a one-armed economist? Because Truman was frustrated all his other economists always added caveats to their statements. “On the other hand … on the other hand.” How many economists does it take to change a light bulb? […]

New leaders share a passion that will serve the area well

Add Elizabeth Fogarty to the list of women who’ve assumed the leadership positions of important organizations in the Grand Valley as Fogarty starts her new job as executive director of Visit Grand Junction. That list also includes Angela Padalecki, the new executive director of the Grand Junction Regional Airport, and Robin Brown, the new executive […]

Here’s hoping the airport takes off under new director

While an argument could be made about higher fares, there’s no disputing the convenience of the Grand Junction Regional Airport. Within the Grand Valley, commercial air service is as close as a short drive and equally quick trip through TSA screening. Elsewhere in Western Colorado, the Grand Junction airport still offers a preferable option. Depending […]

Discouraging words few, but encouraging efforts still needed

A cursory look at the headlines on the Business Times website creates the impression there’s seldom to be read a discouraging word about the local, state and national economies. Increasing real estate activity portends what could be a record year for the Mesa County market. Sales tax collections — a key measure of sales — […]


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