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No matter who we elect, the perils to freedom persist

By the time this column is published and distributed, we’ll know exactly who the enemy is and who we need to fear once they take their elected positions in our local, state and federal governments. Enemy, Craig? Really? Yes, really. Here’s why. As I looked over the ballots locally and across the country, I saw […]

It’s hard to vote Republican anymore, but I’d never vote Democrat

It’s that time of year again — because we seem to have elections EVERY year now — when “we the people” are given the illusion we select our “leaders” and have a voice in government. Hint: We don’t. We get to vote yes or no on someone else’s proposals that garnered enough signatures to get […]

In the end, there’ll be weeping and gnashing of teeth … but it’s not the end

At least I hope not. I mean, if you ask some on the left, we’re once again past the point of no return. But that’s just a talking point in the left’s playbook when it comes to global warming, abortion and specific groups’ rights. Truth be told, if you asked some on the right after […]

This isn’t about a judge, senator, it’s about our country as we know it

And more to the point, how Democrats, Socialists, Communists —  I know, I’m being redundant — on the left want to radically change America as they rule over people so coming generations will never know the America we all do. You might say that’s crazy talk. But after all the lying and make believe Democrats […]

Why has playing by the rules become so darned difficult?

It should be easy, this whole playing by the rules thing. Especially since the rules are written in “our best interest.” At least that what they tell me. Who’s they, you ask? The only people who’ve been proven to know what’s best for us: our elected leaders and their bureaucrat henchmen. I know a lot […]

Arrgh: There’s a better way to have your cake, matey

So if it’s Tuesday, we must be in Colorado — and its draconian “public accommodation” laws being forced upon people by the biggest bully on the block: the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC). And this can only mean one thing in our state: Another attempt to destroy the evil Cap’n Jack Phillips and his rogue […]

Do we really want politics to rule (and ruin) our days?

My last column begged the question, “Do we really want every relationship to be based on politics?” In other words, do we only want to associate with people and maintain business relationships with folks who think exactly the same way we do? Since it’s impossible for someone to think exactly as you do (and thank […]

Do we really want every relationship based on politics?

Yeah, I wrote one of those columns. One that gets me calls of adoration (OK, I’m stretching that) and support from one side and creates outrage and claims of denigration on the other. Truthfully, it was all very predictable. I say this for two reasons. First, the column was written flat out from a very […]

From one constitutional crisis to the next, it’s all the left has

Remember just a few short weeks ago, when the left declared a constitutional — or humanitarian, or immigration power of the president or Trump is, of course, evil — crisis on our border that had to be foremost after the last crisis in Washington, D.C.? Well, I don’t recall the one before, either. But I […]

Inalienable rights for me, but not thee

I’m beginning to wonder. What stories will our kids tell their kids? Will it be ones of the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker? Because these days it feels more like the baker and the red hen faker. Is this really the point we’re at in our country? While you might have a differing […]


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