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From one constitutional crisis to the next, it’s all the left has

Remember just a few short weeks ago, when the left declared a constitutional — or humanitarian, or immigration power of the president or Trump is, of course, evil — crisis on our border that had to be foremost after the last crisis in Washington, D.C.? Well, I don’t recall the one before, either. But I […]

Inalienable rights for me, but not thee

I’m beginning to wonder. What stories will our kids tell their kids? Will it be ones of the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker? Because these days it feels more like the baker and the red hen faker. Is this really the point we’re at in our country? While you might have a differing […]

Neither the searing sun, nor the wind not the heat of West Slope nights …

….will stay these couriers from the swift completion of their delivery of gloom. Bad play on words? Perhaps. But if you get mail, you get what I mean. And that’s just the Republican junk mail stuffed into my mailbox when I opened it yesterday — after ignoring it for a week or so as is […]

Politics pale when it comes to this most important law

I know I tend to write a lot about the national political scene. But national political topics are important to me because my first reference on them is the Constitution, and that’s where I always go when it comes to any law. To understand my mind (well, as I understand my mind) I base everything […]

Two Americas cross spectrums well beyond liberal envy politics

We all recall John Edwards’ campaign story about how there are two Americas and how that story was used to drive a wedge between the “haves” and “have nots.” And since Edwards was using the politics of envy to garner votes, he made sure to tell you that you were indeed a “have not.” Fortunately […]

Another government jobs program won’t solve any job problems

I know I’ve written that statement what seems to me a million times. And I’m beginning to think if I write it a million more, it will be just as effective on the people who believe government is the be-all and end-all to having every answer needed to mankind — which is not at all. […]

“Russia” isn’t only destroying Trump, its destroying the U.S. Constitution

Now by Russia, I don’t mean Vladimir Putin’s Russia, although I’m sure he’s enjoying all the hullabaloo going on in Washington. And now, out of nowhere, New York.  No. The Russia I’m talking about is the whole Donald Trump-Russia “collusion” myth that’s prompted a never-ending investigation based on nothing that goes anywhere and everywhere in […]

You can’t have common sense gun control without common sense

Boy was I happy to be away last weekend and not see all the social media videos from the “March for our Lives” event. And, yes, I mean that. Not about the march’s initial message, but about the videos I saw of the “messengers” with their profanity-laced attacks, ignorance and hatred of those who think […]

When it comes to being at risk, big government riskiest bet of all

I’m sure this column will come off as me complaining with no solutions. But then again, no one really asks me what I’d do in most situations. I can only surmise that’s because my answers don’t involve more federal government intervention, especially since that’s the only place we’re allowed to go for solutions anymore. If […]

Violating the Second Amendment isn’t something a citizen can do

This is a column I simply don’t want to write. But since it keeps happening, I have to do it again. It’s hard to believe we’ve had another school massacre in the news — especially one with as many incredible, unbelievable details and characters that have emerged. I won’t give the perpetrator any mention. He […]


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