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Elections have consequences, none good for the people

This past election, with our country being so divided, apathetic or sycophantic in the electorate, proves one thing: The federal government no longer works for the people. As Abraham Lincoln so famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our rulers know this. That’s why they allow all of the rhetoric, venom and violence […]

We haven’t yet voted away our republic, but we’re trying

That said, I am saddened that many Americans have fallen for the line that somehow or other voting is “our most sacred duty” that we hear myriad times from the major political players.  It simply isn’t. Is voting important? You bet! Is voting as sacred as politicians declare? Not one bit. GETTING your vote is […]

Well done, good and faithful servant

It’s the paper before the election, and I’m not talking politics. That’s because something more important happened beyond pontificating about who our next anti-freedom “leader” will be. (OK, I got one in, and Mom would smile and be proud.) The rest of this column will be all about the woman who gave me life, who […]

I support your right to think, I’m just not married to it

Once again politics trumps logic and relationships. And despite my poor attempt at a pun in the headline, this one makes me sad because the person this affected is someone I care about, a wonderful young mind and individual I’ve always admired.  But what hurts the most in this exchange on — you guessed it, […]

It’s a personal property tax exemption for me, but not thee

Here we go again. Take a bad regulation from something under the government’s bucket of you-know-what and try to make it smell like a rose. And no, this isn’t an attack on a county commissioner, even though the one of the same name was recently touting the topic at hand. Then again, at least there […]

Decisions made in anger … sums up the election for me

Are you getting the feeling everyone thinking about the coming election is mad about something? I sure do. I realize, too,  people might think the same of me … and that’s fine. I get it. Here’s why. Our loss of face-to-face communication skills due to texting, social media and all other forms of electronic communication […]

The Olympic spirit remains alive, but needs a world in which to compete

This column should be solely about the Olympics that just ended, and deservedly so. But why, you ask, do I toss in that addendum? Because in watching the Olympics and sports in general, I see so many similarities between life and sports — winning and losing, compassion and competition and taking those experiences in making […]

I’m Hillary Clinton, and I approved this message

That’s good to know, Hillary, because the message I’m referring to shows two huge points about you: You know nothing about the global economy and have less than nothing in common with the rest of us. It also shows us one important thing about Donald Trump and his narcissism: Every time someone criticizes something about […]

The continued road to serfdom summed up in one headline

Of all of the headlines that didn’t surprise me one iota over the past few weeks, only one was the absolute least surprising. No, it wasn’t one from the Democratic National Convention about giving away more and more of our tax money on vote-buying schemes. No, it wasn’t about how unquestionably corrupt Hillary Clinton is […]

For your reading reference, to show my preference

As an extraordinarily overpaid columnist for the Business Times, every so often I receive a note from someone —outside of my avid seven or eight readers who send me things — who happens upon my column. Please note that when I receive reader feedback, I always take the time to actually read the comments I […]


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