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It’s time for Colorado to tax online purchases

To the editor: A crisis is looming for local governments that are dependent on sales taxes, and it will come crashing down in the near future.  Traditional brick and mortar retail is entering its final struggle against certain death. Its impact will first be visited on small rural towns and counties.  Internet-based consumer buying is […]

We’re on the Trump train now

There are three things upon which I believe most of us can agree about the presidential election: We’re glad it’s finally over. We’re surprised Donald Trump won. Things are going to be different going forward.  I know we won’t agree on whether or not a Trump presidency means a good or bad difference. But since […]

Success stories highlight practices worth emulating

It might sound like a broken record, but the point bears repeating. One of the best benefits of reporting success stories is the examples those stories provide for  business owners and managers. Such stories are not only entertaining, but also instructional in showcasing practices and ideas that can be emulated. Two stories in this very […]

Crony capitalism is as crony capitalism does

And it knows no party. Read that again: Crony capitalism knows no party. And to the great surprise of many (who still refuse to see it), all it took was the Carrier deal to show just how out of touch with freedom and economics our elected leaders are. Trump supporters are gleefully screaming from the […]

Trump plan good start in boosting economy

The economy has performed poorly over the past decade — suffering through a deep recession and a sluggish, at best, recovery largely due to a hostile federal policy climate. That has included anti-growth tax policies, which, according to the agenda for President-elect Donald Trump, should change markedly during his administration. The big ills of our […]

High-tech efforts worth attention

ProStar Geocorp has been a frequent subject of stories in the Business Times this year, but for good reason. The Grand Junction company was among the first to participate in the Rural Jump-Start Program while nearly simultaneously securing a $250,000 grant from the Advanced Industries Accelerator Program. ProStar also made news for working with Microsoft […]

There’s a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? No doubt family and friends top the list, along with good health, a home in which to live and ample food to eat. It’s likely the opportunity to work and make a living constitutes a source for gratitude as well. And don’t take for granted the blessings of […]

Elections have consequences, none good for the people

This past election, with our country being so divided, apathetic or sycophantic in the electorate, proves one thing: The federal government no longer works for the people. As Abraham Lincoln so famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our rulers know this. That’s why they allow all of the rhetoric, venom and violence […]

We haven’t yet voted away our republic, but we’re trying

That said, I am saddened that many Americans have fallen for the line that somehow or other voting is “our most sacred duty” that we hear myriad times from the major political players.  It simply isn’t. Is voting important? You bet! Is voting as sacred as politicians declare? Not one bit. GETTING your vote is […]

GDP estimate: Economic recovery more whimper than roar

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis released its first estimate of third quarter gross domestic product, the broad measure of goods and services produced in the country. You know you’re stuck in a bad economy when third quarter real growth of 2.9 percent is the fastest experienced over the past two years. A headline in […]


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