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Executive order signals end to war on energy

Throughout its eight years, the Barack Obama administration was relentless in its opposition to carbon-based energy resources, leading many observers to refer to a “war on coal” and “war on energy.” That war is coming to an end. Not only has President Donald Trump reversed the Obama White House by approving the Keystone XL and […]

Honoring entrepreneurial excellence

Congratulations to Jack Hays, the latest winner of the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award bestowed as part of Entrepreneurship Day at Colorado Mesa University. Hays personifies the successful entrepreneur in his remarkable work in turning Western Pump & Dredge from a one-man startup into an enterprise with a staff of 500 and annual revenues of $100 […]

Tax Freedom Day cause for celebration or complaint?

With the exception of those who’ve filed for extensions, most of those reading this have completed their federal and state income tax returns for 2016. That’s the good news — at least in terms of seeing that onerous task finished for another year. Here’s the bad news. You’re going to have to work a bit […]

President’s taxing situation just more of the same politics

This past week there were rallies across the country demanding that President Donald Trump reveal his tax returns. Not that it matters to me, but I guess Trump said he would once he was assured his audit was finalized to placate the unhinged who’re demanding he release the returns to bolster their hopes of impeachment […]

Labor conditions and confidence improve

There’s encouraging news in the latest labor estimates for Mesa County as well as the most recent results of a quarterly survey of Colorado business leaders. The Mesa County unemployment rate dropped a half point to 5.3 percent in February, a welcome change of fortune after the usual spike in joblessness in January. What’s more, […]

Entrepreneurs both dreams and doers

There are dreamers and there are doers. Occasionally, there are those who are both dreamers and doers. It’s an important combination in successful entrepreneurs who develop better products and services and take advantage of opportunities few others recognize. Ron Allred constitutes a prime example of a dreamer and doer as the dentist turned developer who […]

When it comes to our city streets, maybe we put a fork in our council

Then again. I’m betting we’ll get another roundabout. By the time you read this, we’ll know whether or not Grand Junction will get a new events center and also just how much money our local leaders will have to fix streets. If I had my guess, there’ll be no events center and more money for […]

Return to what works to protect online security

There are rare moments when government establishes a regulatory framework that works pretty well. That had been the case with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as the regulator of online privacy for the past two decades. As U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, explained in an op ed in the Wall Street Journal: […]

From perspiration comes inspiration

It’s been written here before and undoubtedly will be again. Nonetheless, the statement deserves repeating. The best part about publishing a business journal is telling stories about hard-working entrepreneurs and the remarkable things they do not only with their businesses, but also for the communities in which they live. Every issue of the Business Times […]

I don’t want it, especially if I can’t park out front

That’s by far the most frequent reason I keep hearing as to why everyone in the city should vote no on the new events center in Grand Junction: Where, for the love of all monoliths, will everyone park? Let’s forget for the moment this argument indicates the hassle of parking would mean whatever event at […]


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