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In the event I changed my mind, I’m going to the center

Yeah, a tad corny I know, but it is what it is. I suppose this will surprise some folks as well, given my penchant for being against just about everything government tries to do in terms of making our lives better. But just because I don’t like the method, project or what the government decides […]

Sausage factory ruins another good business measure

A famous quote attributed to German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck perhaps best describes the legislative process. “Laws are like sausages,” Bismarck supposedly said. “It’s better not to see them being made.” Imagine then, the gruesome spectacles that must occur under the gold dome of the Colorado Capitol, where the process grinds even the most common-sense […]

Research offers some good news

There’s some good news in the results of research conducted by an associate professor at Oregon State University. Not surprisingly, a healthy sex life at home boosts employee satisfaction and engagement at work. The implications could turn “Not tonight dear, I have a headache” into “For sure tonight, dear, I have an important presentation tomorrow.” […]

Changing economy dictates new land planning strategy

It’s no secret our economy is in the midst of a transition from a manufacturing base to a knowledge base, and the nature of jobs is changing with it. This puts different demands on our community for roads, buildings and land planning. Views differ on how to plan for this transition. Retraining, re-educating and capacity […]

U.S. society must adapt to changing world or face consequences

The world is flat: Or so goes the argument by Thomas Friedman in his 2005 book of the same title. Twelve years later, however, Friedman’s argument takes on additional meaning as geopolitical unrest sets the stage for a new global reality. It’s widely recognized globalization and technology are leveling economies onto the same playing field. Still, […]

Initiative offers help in preventing suicide

Each of our wonderful cities, towns and rural areas on the Western Slope has its own unique flavor and vibe, but shares a deadly similarity. In spite of the many suicide prevention programs and initiatives in place, suicide rates remain distressingly higher than in most other places in the country. Each one of us has […]

Once a year, I find myself here

And that would be in a place with either little or no energy to write and zero interest in much of anything in the news. Or perhaps with all that’s gone on in my life over the past six months and finding myself between two trips with only two days to work these past two […]

And the survey says … less regulation, please

The results of a national survey confirm what small business owners think about government regulations. What most owners think is there are an increasing number of regulations that are costly and difficult with which to comply and, in the end, offer little or no value to consumers. Here’s the bottom line, so to speak: Nearly […]

Local governments need watching, too

When it comes to the topic of governments overstepping their bounds, much of our attention is directed towards the federal and state levels — and with good reason. The last century has seen the size, scope and purview of the federal government gestate far beyond anything envisioned by the framers. Even as most of their […]

Upon further review of the left … it’s all about Trump

Let’s just break this down to brass tacks. This whole election brouhaha isn’t about rights. Rights of any kind. Not LGBT rights, immigrant rights or women’s rights. This isn’t about free speech. It’s not about executive orders gone wild. The fact is, this whole uproar over Trump is about simply one thing: Trump. And no, […]


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