Beige Book aptly named in matching U.S. economy

The Federal Reserve recently released the latest edition of its Beige Book, an anecdotal look at the United States economy published every other month based on interviews of business contacts, economists, market observers and so on. Given our current economy, this publication is aptly named. Beige is an elusive color. In an article published on […]

Latest indicators offer a mix of good and bad

The right-hand column of the Trends page in the Business Times constitutes a proverbial dashboard in tracking key economic indicators for Mesa County, among them the monthly unemployment rate, real estate sales and tax collections. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the indicators pointed at once to improving conditions? Unfortunately, that’s seldom — if ever […]

Take a step — 10,000 a day, in fact — to fitness

Of the many physical activities that improve our health, walking constitutes one of the most beneficial. Nearly everyone regardless of age or fitness level can participate in this simple exercise and enjoy the benefits of maintaining weight, improving heart health and enhancing mental wellbeing. Moreover, people tend to stick with walking, making it a life-long […]

Need a small business loan? Get to know your lender

You’ve decided on XYZ Bank to lend your business some badly needed capital. So it’s time to visit the banker, right? Wrong. Once you sit down with a banker, you’ll need to answer a variety of questions about your financial needs and business goals. If you do a little homework beforehand, answering those questions thoroughly […]

Peeling back lawyer of self reveals leadership abilities

“There are three things that are extremely hard — steel, a diamond and to know one’s self.” Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1750 Research consistently shows the most effective leaders thoroughly understand themselves — particularly how they affect those around them. Influential leaders are candid about who they are, what they want and how to […]

Use this checklist to get started on your estate planning

People tend to put off estate planning, but in doing so run the risk they could die without leaving their financial affairs in good order and in turn leave their heirs with potentially significant problems. No matter your age, this estate planning checklist will help you get started on the process. Create a will if […]

Do you invest in your team’s growth and development?

All staffs are comprised of people with varying levels of knowledge, skills and attitudes. As the team goes, so goes the business. For any company to grow and generate success for everyone involved, its people must also grow and develop their potential. When personal and professional growth and development is lacking, people become limited by […]

With wellness programs, engaging efforts pay off

Type worksite wellness benefits into your favorite Internet search engine and you’ll likely discover a long list of articles that show how wellness programs increase productivity and reduce turnover and costs. It’s true well-designed worksite wellness programs unlock these great benefits — but only if employees participate. So how do you encourage people to engage? […]

Study assesses financial literacy among students

While high school and college students consider themselves confident in the basics of financial literacy, they continue to give themselves only average marks for money management, according to the latest results of a study of student and personal finances conducted by U.S. Bank. “This is the second year we have checked in with students to […]