What kind of example do you set as a leader?

You’re a leader whether you’re aware of it or not. You lead at work, at home and in your community. You lead by your example in all the areas of your life. Your team members are watching. So are your significant other, children, friends and extended family. People you don’t even know are watching you […]

Truly care about your customers and thrive

Companies that make it their business to foster happiness in their customers are the most enlightened and successful of all. Business operations are, first and foremost, about serving people and ensuring their satisfaction. These companies know increasing the pleasure, satisfaction and happiness of the patrons who support them with their hard-earned dollars will build a […]

To compete, become empowered, not embittered

There are two common responses to marketplace competition. You can focus on others in your sector and take yourself and your company away from the success and happiness you desire. Or, you can keep your attention on your company and your path to becoming the best you can be. The second response offers a self-disciplined […]

Support team members with praise and recognition

Business leaders focused on moving their companies to ever higher levels of efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and success remain vigilant for ways to improve operations and what is — and isn’t — working. They must avoid a common pitfall, though: fixating on what’s wrong at the expense of what’s right.While this approach might produce some short-term […]

Mentor your team members to think for themselves

There’s a tendency among business owners and managers to supply answers rather than help team members find answers. There’s a prevailing belief this saves time. While that might be accurate in the short term, this approach actually costs more time over the long run. It also weakens your business and adds to your responsibilities as […]

Empower your team for greater freedom and success

Business owners typically dream of freedom, wealth and happiness as they exert greater control over their destinies. They start ventures to achieve financial, professional and personal independence, then use that independence to give back, travel, relax and enjoy their lives to the fullest extent. These dreams never come true for many business owners, though, because […]

Leave professional baggage at work and thrive

In my previous column, I outlined the problems that occur when people bring their personal baggage to work. I described how even top performers stumble when they’re unable to effectively manage personal issues and the effects these issues exert on customers, other team members, workplace culture and, ultimately, the business. In this column, let’s consider […]

Bring your best to work, not your personal baggage

Some people believe a barrier separates their personal and professional lives. An honest and discerning look at your experiences and those of others you’ve worked with reveals this isn’t the case. It’s quite common, in fact, for people to carry their personal baggage through the front door of a business, unpack and spread the contents […]

Caring attitudes elevate service and satisfaction

With every interaction and transaction, a business gives customers a good, neutral or bad feeling. The last two have no place in a thriving company. The first is a prerequisite to happiness and success. You’ve likely engaged businesses that left you wishing you’d never walked through their doors. Perhaps you encountered poor customer service, inferior […]

To listen or not to listen: That’s the challenge

Ineffective communication, whether in business or life, presents the biggest obstacle to any successful relationship. And it all begins with listening. Not truly listening to others lies at the heart of everything from disgruntled team members and unsatisfied customers to failed marriages and disassociation with family. Consider your professional and personal relationships to understand the […]

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