Applications sought for infill development incentives

Applications will be accepted through Aug. 18 for incentives for infill development in certain areas of Grand Junction.

“Since 2004, the city has continued to realize the important nature and critical need to invest in and support infill and redevelopment in and around the city’s central core,” said Tamra Allen, community development director for the City of Grand Junction.

“Specifically, the strategies in the 2020 comprehensive plan call for the city to partner in the development of housing strategies for the community, including options for housing incentives, and for the city to promote more opportunities for housing choices that meet the needs of people of all ages, abilities and incomes,” Allen said.

The program provides incentives for development projects in specific areas of the city. To apply for incentives, an incentive reservation form is required. Applications for 2024 funding are due by 4 p.m. Aug. 18. Completed applications will be reviewed and referred to the Grand Junction City Council for decisions regarding funding.

In 2022, the city adopted Resolution 74-22, an incentive for certain qualifying developments located within the corridor infill boundary. Within this boundary, development projects could qualify for a full or partial reduction in various fees and sales and use tax rebates. The incentive uses a level approach that is relative to the value of the private investment made in improvements in such corridors.

The corridor infill boundary development map is available on the city website at