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Must be spring cleaning time: My head is a cluttered mess

I’m up against one of those deadlines when I don’t know what to write about. Maybe it’s more I don’t care enough about any topic to write about it or perhaps the too-unreal-for-satire situation our country finds itself in has worn me down. I won’t say here. But my goodness, it’s almost too much. For now, […]

We’l always remain apart when we focus on differences

You know, I’ve always felt lucky this profession chose me nearly 20 years ago. Those who know me well, know there’s a whole lot that goes into my background story before I moved to Grand Junction. Like everyone else, there’s been successes, tragedy, love, divorce, good jobs, bad jobs, fired from jobs, adolescent silliness and […]

Elections have consequences, but tyranny isn’t one of them

Another is you just don’t get to do whatever the hell you want just because your party controls all three levels of government in Denver. But that’s what we have today with Colorado Democrats. As I began my column this morning, I came across a letter a friend of mine wrote to our newly elected […]

Government has a way to pay for everything — and it’s us

In other words, government loves asking us to vote to approve other people’s wants through media-based propaganda onslaughts trying to show these things as must-haves. And when we don’t, the government forces us at the barrel of a gun to pay for these select wants anyway, just because a few more people voted yes. So […]

When it comes to projects like the community center, I think I’ll opt out

As anyone can see from social media and news coverage, possibly the biggest disagreed upon ballot initiative coming up is the proposed community center for Grand Junction. It’s put me into some commenting positions that would seem contradictory from issues I’ve taken sides on in the past. Because of that, let’s do some transparency before […]

Denver Public Schools strike offers real teachable moment

I know I shouldn’t touch this, but some days and some times just call for someone to say something. Isn’t that one of core problems when it comes to teachers and their pay? Unless it’s overflowing with worship, commentary is simply no longer allowed. I know nearly every time I make a statement on social […]

The state of our union is disunion because that’s how some want it

Yeah. And they’re mostly negative. And not just because I occasionally listen to Glenn Beck and his end times ministry to sell stuff. These are actually things I see and surmise for myself. As my freedom bone must disclose, they’re simply listed here and they’re completely voluntary to be read, agreed to and certainly will […]

I’m looking for some context, because I feel out of context

Every year or so, I find myself out of ideas to write about. It’s not that there aren’t topics. It could be there are too many crazy things going on. Truth told, there are 50 juicy things in the news I could write about today. But none of them are in context. They’ve already been […]

It’s time to get behind those who actually get things done

Yup, that’s what I’m going to urge in this column. It’s time to find the doers. To get behind the people who keep their promises. To elevate those who make their community better for citizens. It’s time to make a stand with those who do what’s right. Of course, I’m talking about absolutely no one […]

I could make a wish list, but I’d rather say thanks

Well folks, another year has come and is almost gone. I don’t know the reasons why this year seems like it’s been speed-of-light faster than previous years. Maybe it’s because I have a daughter driving and a year and a half away from completing high school. Maybe it’s because my little one is now a […]


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