Board signals labor relations changes

Robert Frost observed in his 1914 poem “Mending Walls” that good fences make good neighbors. Well-written employee handbooks, policies and procedures similarly help employees understand their roles, rights and responsibilities while providing a framework for productive employer-employee relationships.   The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) gives employees the right to engage in protected concerted activities […]

Vaccine mandates leave employers uncertain

A patchwork of COVID-19 vaccination mandates and new government rules has left employers uncertain of their legal rights and responsibilities. They’re wondering how to make sense not only of what’s happened but also what the future could hold. Several rules could affect Grand Valley employers. On Aug. 30, the Colorado Board of Health adopted an […]

Reduce risks in remote work

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the way organizations operate and employ their work forces. Some changes have heralded a new normal from which there’s no going back. Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, estimates that by 2025, 70 percent of the work force will work remotely at least five days a […]

Colorado pay law evolving

In my column in a June issue of the Business Times, I reviewed the basics of Colorado’s new Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (EPEW).  EPEW is split into two parts. The first part prohibits employers from paying different wages on the basis of sex or sex plus another protected status to employees who perform […]

Use it or lose it? Court rules on vacation plans

The Colorado Supreme Court recently issued perhaps the most-awaited employment decision in years.  In Nieto v. Clark’s Market, the court ruled that “use it or lose it” vacation policies are illegal under the Colorado Wage Claim Act (CWCA), which requires employers to pay all wages due at the time of termination, including vacation pay “earned […]

Pay transparent law survives challenge

The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (EPEW) went into effect in Colorado at the beginning of the year, prohibiting wage discrimination because of sex and creating new obligations for employers to promote pay transparency.   On May 27, EPEW survived its first legal challenge in a decision by Judge William Martinez in the federal […]

These races hold implications for employers

To borrow a metaphor from the Triple Crown horse racing season, Colorado legislators have rounded the curve and are headed into the home stretch. The outcome of the latest race has implications for employers. The 2021 legislative session started late because of the COVID-19 pandemic and is scheduled to adjourn on June 12. There will […]

To require or not to require: Vaccine questions arise

The questions I receive most frequently these days relate to COVID-19 vaccinations. Can employers require vaccination? Should they? What issues arise with mandatory or voluntary vaccination programs?   This column will cover basic considerations and provide resources for further information. The three COVID-19 vaccines currently available are those from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.  […]

How to respond to unemployment insurance fraud

The coronavirus pandemic has presented numerous challenges for business owners and irreversibly changed the workplace. Unfortunately, every crisis brings with it people who see misfortune as an opportunity to profit. Over the past year, many employers and their employees have been victims of fraudulent unemployment insurance (UI) claims or know a colleague who’s a victim.  […]

Biden Plan could change worker classification test

During his campaign, President Joe Biden issued a comprehensive plan for strengthening worker organizing, collective bargaining and unions.   The Biden Plan proposed sweeping changes to protect American workers or increase the regulatory burden on employers, depending on your perspective. Biden’s actions just a few days into his presidency signal upcoming changes that will affect […]