Instead of resolutions, set SMART goals

We’re approaching a new year and the overwhelming tradition of making resolutions. It seems Jan. 1 of EVERY year has become that day when we compile our lists and proclaim this will be the year we change our lives for the better. Losing weight, breaking bad habits and saving money usually top the lists. Will […]

Variety spices up fitness routines

It’s been said variety is the spice of life. There’s some truth to the adage. You get stuck in your daily routine and complete many tasks without thinking too much about them. You eat at the same time, go to work at the same time and take out the garbage on the same day. Now, […]

Follow these timely tips to keep fit this fall

Fall can be a season when exercise routines waiver. It’s no longer summer, but not yet winter. It’s too cold to continue with many of the summer activities you enjoy. You could even become a little blue with the realization summer and your favorite activities are over for a while. Still, fall brings with it […]

Health clubs offer healthy options

There are many ways to improve health and fitness, but exercise tops every list. Health clubs offer a healthy option as a place to exercise. Clubs aren’t the only option, however. Other options include exercising outdoors or using your own exercise equipment at home. The best option might be to combine all three. Whether you’re […]

Get on your bikes and ride for fitness and fun

People ask me all the time if I ride. I assume they’re asking whether or not I ride road bikes or mountain bikes. My husband does both. I know how to ride a bike. I’ve known how to ride my bicycle since I was a kid.  It’s a little more complicated these days, though. There’s […]

Say yes to living a more positive life

When I think about positivity, I think about how important that approach has become in my life. I’ve learned being positive is not the absence of things going wrong. No matter how positive you are, things will still go wrong, cause conflict and upset you. What I’ve learned is being positive gives you a different […]

Get moving with cardio exercises

It’s no secret: To keep healthy, we must move every day.  Movement strengthens our muscles — including our heart. Did you know the heart is the only muscle that never stops working? Learning what cardiovascular exercise is and why it’s important is the first step. From there, you can explore ways of getting cardio exercise […]

Health and fitness a long, but rewarding, journey

We live in a society of quick fixes. Hundreds of books, videos, diets and machines come with claims to help you improve your health and fitness. More often than not, people fall for empty promises of rapid weight loss and perfect bodies when getting in shape can be a difficult task. The key to getting […]

Ready for a good workout? Then play ball

Fitness ball workouts are becoming increasingly popular — and for good reason. If you’re looking for an exercise that will challenge you, consider a workout using one of the many different types of fitness balls. There are traditional stability balls and BOSU balls as well as such weighted balls as medicine, slam or wall balls. […]

Where do you turn for fitness information?

There are so many ways to learn about fitness. From Facebook to gaming systems and fitness videos to personal trainers, new information becomes available on a daily basis. It’s difficult for consumers to know where to turn for the information that’s most beneficial to them given their lifestyles, health, technological skills and fitness goals. The […]

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