Danger for the dollar: Could the world reserve currency change?

Recent headlines posed the question: Is the United States dollar in danger? Corresponding newspaper and cable television reports raised concerns over the possibility the U.S. dollar could no longer serve as the world’s reserve currency. What does it mean to be the world’s reserve currency? According to “A Primer on Reserve Currencies” by Brent Radcliffe, […]

New and improved isn’t with modern twist to supply-side economics

Have you ever noticed that products advertised as new and improved rarely are? Definitions of words and phrases constantly change to modify or gloss over original meanings. Politicians masters this. The same thing happens in economics.  The policy of supply-side economics stressing limited government regulations and low taxes has been in use since the founding […]

If welfare pays more than work, help wanted a sign of trouble

An unprecedented number of “help wanted” signs appear in every town and city across America and even on billboards along the interstate highways.  Flights are cancelled because there are insufficient flight crews to operate the planes. Supplies are limited at retail outlets due to a lack of manpower to work docks, drive trucks and unload […]

Taxing burden becomes more and more onerous

Jean Baptiste Colbert, financial minister to Louis XIV, is credited with saying, “The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest amount of feathers with the least amount of hissing.” A tax is defined as a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and […]

Charity better than government welfare at solving problems

Christmas is the season for giving. Just look around to observe the charitable actions not only during the holidays, but also throughout the year.  The American people enjoy a reputation around the world as a charitable citizenry. Whatever the need — from accidents to disasters to homelessness — Americans generously send money, food and supplies […]

Blame for scarcity lies not with pandemic, but response

It’s a fundamental economic truth: Scarcity exists because resources are limited. It is a matter of unlimited wants versus limited resources. United States residents are unique and pampered. In fact, the U.S. has been called the land of the plenty when compared to other countries and economic systems. Americans are accustomed to fully stocked automobile […]

Regional conference focuses on leadership and economics

Have you ever said to yourself, “Someone should do something about that?” What if that someone was you? Leading others by learning to lead from within is the theme of the Western Slope Economic Leadership Conference. The conference for high school juniors in the region is set for Nov. 2 at the Colorado Mesa University […]

Add property ownership to list of endangered rights

“Within a frame of transformation, the edges of the energy system begin to soften and meld into other notions of property, beyond private resource ownership and toward conceptions of shared management and control,” said Shalanda Baker, the law professor on leave from Northeastern University and nominee to become director of the Office of Minority Economic […]

Economics should be an educational experience for every student

School bells ring and students return to classrooms. While some elements of the curriculum made headlines during the spring and summer, there’s been no mention of the need for economic education.  But who needs economic education? Right? Consider some of the numbers. According to the Experian Consumer Credit Review, consumer debt as of November 2020 […]

Real pain of inflation felt in the pocketbook

“If you want to get someone’s attention, hit them in their pocketbook.” This saying has been around a long time, but the truth becomes blatantly obvious as gas prices rise between fillups, groceries cost more each time they’re purchased and utilities and housing costs skyrocket.  Inflation receives the bulk of the blame, but exactly what […]