Business offers tips to prevent frozen and broken pipes

Robin Stevens
Robin Stevens

A Grand Junction business offers tips to help homeowners prevent frozen and broken pipes this winter.

“When temperatures dip into the teens and single digits, we definitely see a spike in calls. And then we usually get hit again when the temperatures rise and those frozen pipes thaw out,” said Robin Stevens, owner of Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains.

Homeowners can avoid frozen and broken pipes by making sure pipes next to an outside wall or in basements or attics remain warm. Opening cabinets in the house also warms pipes, Stevens said. Keeping water running also helps to prevent freezing.

In the event pipes freeze, Stevens said it’s important to close the main water valve to the house to prevent flooding if the pipes have broken and leak when they thaw out.

In addition to taking measures to avoid frozen pipes, Stevens also suggested annual inspections of heating systems.

“More than likely, your home is your biggest asset. It’s important to protect it with preventative maintenance to make sure all of its systems are operating efficiently and safely,” she said.

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