Does anybody know what’s really going on?

Admit it. You have no clue whatsoever about the coronavirus. It’s the only logical conclusion I can come to after two plus months of information, misinformation, intentional lies and politics about this latest corona-type virus foisted upon the world by — yet AGAIN — China. As a matter of fact, the last part of my […]

Here’s why I’m still thankful in a season of Thanksgiving

Although in this day and age of round-the-clock news, too much information based on misinformation and a seemingly unending barrage of what’s someone’s “truth,” it’s not getting any easier. Now I could write column after column until my retirement on individual topics related to the above statement, because, let’s face it, everyday there’s something to go […]

It’s still the spending … you know who

By the time you read this, the ballot measures having to do with taxes — some which laughably read “without raising taxes …” — will be decided. It’s my sincere hope none of them pass. I have myriad reasons why — including the fact government simply can’t provide all it advertises, and it’s worse when […]

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