The lost art of the follow up question

Is it just me, or have members of the mainstream media — read Democratic party spokespeople — become mouthpieces spouting talking points word for word as they’re told? I know we all know MSM leans well to the left, but it’s become the Mortimer Snerd to the Charlie McCarthy Democrats. I didn’t say Edgar Bergen, […]

It’ll work this time — once we’ve spent enough money

Has there ever been a more overused word in government than “underfunded?” Social Security? Underfunded, Medicare and Medicaid? Underfunded. Education? Underfunded.  Infrastructure? Underfunded. Welfare? Underfunded. IRS? Underfunded. Postal Service? Underfunded.  Pick your federal government agency? Underfunded. Defense …? Wait a tick. The ONLY one OVERFUNDED is the only one that’s constitutional.  But that’s how socialists […]

The difference between woke and eyes wide open

And yes. It’s a big difference. This doesn’t have to be a diatribe about all the “wokeness” going around in our lives.   Hell, we get bombarded daily by news coverage from around our country and world, executive order after order from the unconscious puppet in the White House, from the press release accounts of […]

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