I’m not telling you how to vote, just giving you a few things to think about

Here comes that special Tuesday in November, all too many of which the past few decades have been “the single most important election in our lifetime.” But given the power grabs from COVID-19, insurrections around the country and over-the-cliff trend toward progressive communism, the “experts” might finally be correct. So, what’s a voter to do? […]

I’m 90 percent sure people are 100 percent fed up — or is it the other way around?

Lies, damned lies and statistics. We’ve all heard the phrase. Because it’s what we’re being governed by today in one form or another. And the abuse of statistics rears its ugly head under the guise of such words as “study,” “model” or “mostly peaceful.” How are statistics abused? Let’s take these one by one. How […]

The Variance Protection Program? I’d give it zero stars

You mean you haven’t heard about the Variance Protection Program (VPP)? Neither had I until the last edition of the Business Times. According to an advertising campaign, the collaborators of the program — Mesa County Public Health (MCPH), the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce and the local, five-day-a-week daily newspaper — say it’s designed […]

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