Will End of World Happen on Dec 21 or Jan 1?

The following is a paid advertiser contribution to The Business Times BY CRAIG A. SEVERANCE, CPA For quite some time we have heard the ancient Mayan calendar predicted the End of the World on Dec. 21st, 2012. However, if you have listened to the media lately, it seems this dire event has now been moved […]

Answer blowin’ in the wind? Video and booklet offer help

A new video and booklet offer information to farmers, ranchers and other rural landowners interested in harnessing wind power. The video and booklet — titled “Colorado Wind Energy Installation Guide for Agriculture and Rural Applications” — explains how to evaluate the wind energy potential for a site, select the right wind turbine and tower for […]

Turning a new Leaf: Montrose firm develops more efficient solar systems

Phil Castle, The Business Times Doug Kiesewetter expects his company to deliver three solar energy systems by the end of this year, the beginning of what he envisions as rapid growth for the Western Colorado venture. In the process, Kiesewetter said BrightLeaf Power also will deliver on the promise of more efficient systems that produce […]

Is your business prepared to survive a disaster?

By Steve Irion, Wells Fargo’s Market President  Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Some are nature’s fury, and others the result of man-made errors. While you can’t prevent all disasters from occurring, there are measures you can take to protect your company’s bottom line when a disaster strikes.             In a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup […]

Investment outlook

By Phil Castle, The Business Times  James Swanson tells what he considers the “other side” of media stories focusing on bad economic and financial news.             Despite election-year reports to the contrary, the news is mostly good, Swanson contends. The United States economy remains stable with record corporate profits, rising consumer spending and an improving […]

Building the foundation of recovery

With the Grand Junction economy looking up, real estate expected to follow trend Special to The Business Times from Vectra Bank While slower in its recovery than the rest of the state or the country, Grand Junction’s economy is brightening. Even in an election year, when legislative decision-making grinds to a halt, and with the […]

Residential real estate recovery

Local real estate report continues to show improvement in key arenas Special to The Business Times from Bray & Company Real Estate In July’s Bray Report, Robert Bray points to continued signs of improvement in the Mesa County residential real estate market. The report shows that sales of homes continue to improve. Year-to-date sales of […]

Mortgage easy street

Why is it so darned hard to get a loan approved these days?  Special to The Business Times from Cherry Creek Mortgage  Those of us in the loan business hear this question every day. The truth is that it is harder to get a mortgage loan approved today than it was a few years ago. […]

How to Help Spot a Home Repair Scam

Clouds aren’t the only things that roll in with severe summer weather. Contractors who attempt to cash in during the aftermath of a storm by promising low prices for home repairs and delivering substandard or incomplete work may also arrive on the scene. Help protect yourself, your money and your home from repair rip-offs by […]


When considering the strength of the local commercial real estate market, one must first consider the prevailing strength in local job growth.  While we aren’t creating new jobs on a daily basis, we seem to be losing far fewer jobs than in the past four years.  Energy jobs have declined, partially because of low commodity […]

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