Value-based health care offers better outcomes at lower costs

by Monument Health Chances are, you’ll hear more about value-based health care as the term gains popularity in the days and weeks ahead. Better still, you’ll probably receive value-based care right here in the Grand Valley. Hospitals, primary care providers and specialists across the valley are committed to providing value-based care. Monument Health, a clinically […]

Vote yes on Proposition 113 to amplify Western Colorado’s voice

Coloradans deserve an open and honest discussion on Proposition 113, also known as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Unfortunately, they’re not getting it as opponents continue to propagate myths and falsehoods. The latest example is the column on this website by Rose Pugliese. Proposition 113 makes Colorado relevant again by guaranteeing the presidency to […]

Why we should vote against wolf introduction proposition

We’re members of a group that has studied wildlife and wildlife habitat issues and their convergence with a myriad of other Western Colorado landscape challenges. We understand the importance of finding solutions that meet both public and private needs, wildland and multiple-use goals and finding that economic sweet spot for the diverse towns and counties […]

Energetiic efforts fall short without market freedoms

When California recently experienced rolling blackouts as a last-resort measure used by utilities to avoid a total blackout of the power system, Gov. Gavin Newsom blamed the situation on a failure to predict and plan for an energy shortage. What Gov. Newsom failed to state was the obvious: The blackouts were a result of self-inflicted […]

Better regulatory process in everyone’s best interest

While people generally understand the considerable collection of laws that govern us as a society, the ever larger web of regulations intended to enforce these laws remain a mystery. But since regulations are essentially the muscle behind America’s laws, they’re central to supporting and protecting our economy, environment and overall welfare. In light of the […]

Low COVID cases affirm reason to assert rights

by Marilyn M. Barnewall Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has publicly admitted — to his credit — the statistics he was given by health authorities are wrong.  About 33 percent fewer Coloradans have been stricken with COVID-19 than reported. Given the statistics for the West Slope, it’s evident why a lot of people think closing down […]

Most important resolution of all? Protect freedom to create wealth

A new year always brings with it resolutions that run the gamut from developing better health habits to better financial habits. Many people want to improve their financial health, whether through better money management or earning more money. Understanding how wealth is created could help people with their financial resolutions. In his book “The Wealth […]

State-operated insurance could be a tough pill to swallow for small business owners

Over recent years, rising health care costs have become a primary concern among small business owners as they have for much of the public. We have watched with reluctant disappointment as politicians have eagerly pitched government-provided solutions — and with even greater disappointment as they cleverly eschew questions about the true costs of such plans […]

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