Most important resolution of all? Protect freedom to create wealth

A new year always brings with it resolutions that run the gamut from developing better health habits to better financial habits. Many people want to improve their financial health, whether through better money management or earning more money. Understanding how wealth is created could help people with their financial resolutions. In his book “The Wealth […]

State-operated insurance could be a tough pill to swallow for small business owners

Over recent years, rising health care costs have become a primary concern among small business owners as they have for much of the public. We have watched with reluctant disappointment as politicians have eagerly pitched government-provided solutions — and with even greater disappointment as they cleverly eschew questions about the true costs of such plans […]

When it comes to holiday shopping, think small

Small Business Saturday has become an American tradition following the Thanksgiving holiday. Brick-and-mortar businesses promote their best deals of the year in hopes of luring shoppers from online purchases. It was not so long ago Americans visited locally-owned small retailers to purchase their gifts. Business owners decorated their shops with lights and ornaments or created […]

California vehicle standards won’t work in Colorado

As a defender of Colorado’s working families, I recognize that Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ mandate to adopt California’s low-emission vehicle and zero emission vehicle (ZEV) standards affects this population the most. Here’s a little history on these extreme environmental emission standards. Gov. Polis has aggressively pressed ZEV efforts since taking power in January, adding even […]

Leadership, not gimmicks, will keep the Internet fast

“Broadband Internet consumers are in jeopardy of losing an open Internet!” “The FCC has moved to take away Internet fairness!” “Internet censorship is coming!” Do any of these inaccurate, partisan and fear-mongering phrases sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. Regulatory ping pong over Internet access has spurred a war of incendiary words from both sides […]

In affecting bond market, fallout from Colorado battle could spread far and wide

A little-known legal and political battle in Southeast Colorado has the potential to cause irreparable damage to the municipal bond market. Naturally, a radical environmentalist group has its lawsuit-green fingerprints all over it. In 2004, the Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) decided to convert an aging gas-fired power plant in Lamar to coal. Coal, you’ll […]

Repeal and replace must not leave vets behind

I’m proud to have served my country. But my country — or more precisely, its health care system — has fallen short in recent years. Veterans Affairs facilities have experienced well-known problems, and  1.75 million veterans who rely on Medicaid for health care face an uncertain future. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) clearly needs to […]

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