To the editor: It is not the “tiny innocent looking” 0.39 cent recreation center tax we should fear — though I’m not sure how “that” will begin to support just the projected annual interest of $3,352,000, let alone millions in construction, operation and subsidy costs. Anyone who really cares about the city, its businesses, stores […]

Resident speaks out against proposed apartment project

My correspondence is in strong opposition to the proposed project planned for 60 apartment units with 30 parking spaces, plus other facilities, in the Walker Heights Subdivision in Grand Junction.  The access proposed for these apartment units, including employees and commercial vehicles, would be only be into the residential cul-de-sac of Walker Heights Subdivision, Eighth […]

Scientific versus unscientific thought

To the editor: This past week Sloan’s moans attempt to teach us about the scientific and unscientific. Many of today’s climate change ideologists — whose grants are largely contingent on providing “evidence” to support a particular economic model — corrupts the scientific method, he states. He continues, “Leftist rejection of science doesn’t end with climate […]

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