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In improving quality of life, public lands worth defending

To the editor: Your article about the study conducted by Colorado Mesa University for the BLM reinforced what Westerners experience every day: We utilize and enjoy our public lands to such an extent that they improve our quality of life. The study is a timely reminder because right now there is an all-out attack on […]

While we’re changing names, how about these?

To the editor: I am not in favor of renaming North Avenue. But since the council did it on a foolish whim, so while we are at it let’s change Orchard to Garden, Rood to Polite, White to Black, Walnut to Cashew, Grand to Puny, Colorado to Arizona and Chipeta to Hiawatha. And I am […]

It’s time for Colorado to tax online purchases

To the editor: A crisis is looming for local governments that are dependent on sales taxes, and it will come crashing down in the near future.  Traditional brick and mortar retail is entering its final struggle against certain death. Its impact will first be visited on small rural towns and counties.  Internet-based consumer buying is […]

ColoradoCare tackles health care problems

Dear Editor: Your article on the financing of ColoradoCare published on Aug. 10 raised questions about the proposed health care plan. While it makes some fair points, it ignores the larger cost conundrum at stake for Colorado and the United States. Health care costs keep going up thanks to a long list of factors. They […]

Permanently repeal Health Insurance Tax

To the editor: Independence is an important value cherished by the people of Mesa County. And as a county commissioner, it is my responsibility to preserve that value wherever I can. A shadow is being cast over that independence by a piece of the Affordable Care Act called the Health Insurance Tax, or HIT. It […]

Resident speaks out against proposed apartment project

My correspondence is in strong opposition to the proposed project planned for 60 apartment units with 30 parking spaces, plus other facilities, in the Walker Heights Subdivision in Grand Junction.  The access proposed for these apartment units, including employees and commercial vehicles, would be only be into the residential cul-de-sac of Walker Heights Subdivision, Eighth […]

Scientific versus unscientific thought

To the editor: This past week Sloan’s moans attempt to teach us about the scientific and unscientific. Many of today’s climate change ideologists — whose grants are largely contingent on providing “evidence” to support a particular economic model — corrupts the scientific method, he states. He continues, “Leftist rejection of science doesn’t end with climate […]

Champions sought for ballot initiative

To the editor: We need a champion in your county. We are collecting petition signatures to place an initiative on the November 2014 ballot to change how we elect representatives in the Colorado House.  Our 65 house districts are currently equal in population. Of the 65 members, all but 12 are from the Front Range. […]

Republicans more likely to let the poor suffer to help the rich

To the editor: Sloan’s moans continue to beset me. Now he wants to bestow a corollary statement on Democrats that says “If a crisis does not cooperate and presents itself, invent one.” I believe it fits Republicans better. Are they not the ones wishing that Ayn Rand’s prognostications would become reality? Are they not the […]

Brady Trucking good riverfront neighbor

To the editor: Kayaker access to the best Colorado River sections requires collaboration with the property owners that control their banks. There are numerous stories about landowner run-ins, but one in particular comes to mind. In that story, a fellow kayaker had parked himself and his boat on a coffee table-sized boulder in the middle […]


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