Women entrepreneurs play important role in business and economy

As we enter the third year of the Biden-Harris administration, we’re fortunate to have a president who understands the vital role women entrepreneurs play in our economy. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) supports the president’s business advocacy by nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and making sure small businesses have a voice at the table in […]

Climate always changing, but so do free markets in surviving and thriving

The British Broadcasting Corp. produced a documentary series titled “Planet Earth” that in part detailed the changes that have occurred on the planet. In one episode, the narrator began with the mantle shifts dividing land masses into separate continents. Next came the asteroid strike that wiped out prehistoric animals. The narrator mentioned the Medieval Warm […]

Are we in recession or not? A geek gets some answers

I’m not at all ashamed to admit it. I’m something of a geek when it comes to economics and economic indicators. That’s a good thing for the editor of a business journal who spends a good portion of his time reporting on those topics. Imagine, then, my delight, at being invited to participate in virtual […]

Fueling an absurdity: Federal policies defy facts about ethanol

At best, Congress and the White House have dithered over pro-growth policies. At worst, and far closer to the truth, Washington has pushed an anti-growth agenda including higher taxes and more regulation, protectionism and government spending. There are examples of elected officials making positive contributions, however. Where? In certain states. Consider some key tax changes […]

Fueling an absurdity: Federal policies defy facts about ethanol

At a time when rising food prices cause financial hardship and insecurity for many Americans, burning alcohol made from corn in gasoline engines seems absurd. In its infinite wisdom, Congress enacted a law in 2005 requiring oil companies to blend renewable fuels produced by converting biological material into ethanol, biodiesel or other liquid fuels with […]

Survey says federal government doesn’t make the grade

Imagine if small business owners were like teachers who could assign grades. Now imagine if business owners could assign grades to the federal government. What do you suppose those grades might be? As it turns out, no imagination is required. The Goldman Sachs investment banking company recently surveyed a total of more than 1,800 small […]

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