In hindsight, 2020 offers business lessons

If you want to become overwhelmed by an online search, type “business lessons from 2020.” The list of results is lengthy, to say the least. I combed through an assortment of entries and found four offering value: Trust. Writing in the St. Louis Business Journal, Scott Scully, chief executive officer of Abstrakt Marketing Group, cited […]

Minimum wage mandates cause more harm than good

What’s a wage? A fixed, regular payment by an employer to an employee, especially to a manual or unskilled worker. The wage represents the value an employee brings to the job. What’s minimum wage? The minimum amount per hour the government requires employers to pay employees. So what’s the problem?  First, government should never mandate […]

Resolved to improve? What you don’t do could make a bigger difference

And now for something completely different … . Those familiar with “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” will recognize the line from the old British TV show. The line served as the frequent transition between one absurd situation and something not only completely different, but also more absurd. A dead parrot and murderous cars. A cross-dressing lumberjack […]

Do your manage your business like your reputation is at stake?

A recent alert grabbed my attention. It made the bold statement the most important issue facing businesses today is managing their reputation. And this wasn’t about splashing on a bright, new coat of PR paint, issuing self-serving press releases or running TV ads featuring happy and grateful employees. More than ever, consumers align their dollars […]

Spirits of the season can transform us all

I’m haunted by the ghosts of Christmas. It’s an experience that’s delightful, not frightful — one of fond memories, grateful appreciation and optimistic expectation. To plagiarize a bit more, I’d like to imagine I’m like Ebenezer Scrooge, the protagonist of the famous Charles Dickens tale. Not the miserly recluse, mind you, but the benevolent extrovert […]

Unwrapping the gift of economic forecasts

For years, Christmas came early for Mesa County businesses. And we’re not just talking about the holiday shopping season and retailers. Annual reports invariably forecast continued economic growth in the year ahead. The report for 2020, for example, characterized the outlook as not only positive, but exceptionally positive. That didn’t happen, of course. But who […]

Free market plays role in Christmas celebrations

The celebration of Christmas in America follows an interesting journey. In the 1600s, Puritans weren’t allowed to exchange gifts, light a candle or sing Christmas carols. Many traditions observed today trace their roots to pre-Christian winter festivals. According to Celtic legend, mistletoe brings good luck, heals wounds and wards off evil spirits. The tradition of […]

Modesty takes a holiday: Businesses blow your horns

’Tis the season. For, among other things, holiday newsletters. You know, those annual missives you receive, typically from distant relations. You only met once, and that was at a family reunion 15 years ago in Iowa. But every year since, they’ve confided in intimate detail what’s occurred in their lives. And it’s always amazing. Too […]

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