Making the best of the worst: SBA offers disaster recovery assistance

Colorado is no stranger to disasters, both natural and man-made. The state has a long history of natural disasters, including floods, wildfires, tornadoes and drought. The recent Marshall Fire in Boulder County offers an example of this problem.  It’s more important now for residents and small business owners to remember the best course of action […]

Going by their ads, none deserve election

And it’s only the primaries. Right now, candidates are only eating each other — unless, of course, you count all the Democrats running ads talking bad about certain Republicans. Because Democrats’ appetite for power apparently includes eating any and everything on the table.  After all, Democrats nominated Joe Biden after Kamala Harris called him a […]

Listen up: Some advice on how to engage like a journalist

I like to believe I bring some skills to the conversations and other interactions in which I engage. If not skills, then at least experience.  As a professional journalist, I’ve spent two-thirds of my nearly 63 years on the planet getting paid to talk to people and listen — really listen — to what they […]

Consumers better served by free market choices, not government coercion

Buying a car can be one of the most exciting large purchases consumers make. Consumers research designs, features and costs to meet their needs. There’s an array of choices — something for everyone, it seems. The situation could change, though, if the executive order to follow the California Resources Board agenda signed by former Colorado […]

Immigrants continue to play crucial role in U.S. economy

The United States economy continues to suffer. A pandemic struck in March and April 2020, with its effects lingering to this day. The economy took a nose dive and has struggled to recover. Amidst this struggle, entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and workers have been thrashed by raging inflation, a decline in real gross domestic product in […]

Connecting the dots a valuable use of time

As my stories in this issue of the Business Times reflect, I spent a lot of time over the past two weeks covering meetings and news conferences. That included the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce state of the valley and legislative update meetings. That also included news conferences announcing an initiative to reduce tuition […]

Bad policies increase likelihood of recession

With the change in real gross domestic product turning negative in the first quarter of this year, a question keeps popping up: Are we headed into a recession? While the National Bureau of Economic Research is the official arbiter of when recessions start and end, the definition is the economy contracts for two consecutive quarters. […]

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