Facing an uphill climb? Here are some tips from the death zone

Business owners and managers face fearsome challenges, particularly at the confluence of a pandemic, labor shortages and supply chain interruptions. I report about those challenges and the efforts to surmount them. In the process, I marvel at the hard work, perseverance and resilience owners and managers — their staffs, too, of course — bring to […]

So who’s resolved to do more in 2022?

Just like nearly everyone else this time of year, I find myself resolved to do more. To eat more nutritious foods. To exercise more. To read more. If nothing else, to live more intentionally.  It’s an interesting phenomenon because every day really is the first day of the rest of our lives. There’s nothing magical […]

Higher quality of life part of the moral case for capitalism

The standard of living in the United States remains high today compared to many other countries. Historically, though, that wasn’t the case. Since the 1840s, economic and social developments, industrialization and technical progress have created new expectations for wealth and longevity. The largest gains occurred during the first half of the 20th century, when life […]

I’ve got good reason to love the season

I suspect I’m no different than any other child who grew up believing Christmas was the holiday around which the entire kid year revolved. Better than Halloween. Better even than birthdays. What’s not to love? The festive decorations. The family gatherings. The food. And, of course, the pile of presents under the tree. Even the […]

Charity better than government welfare at solving problems

Christmas is the season for giving. Just look around to observe the charitable actions not only during the holidays, but also throughout the year.  The American people enjoy a reputation around the world as a charitable citizenry. Whatever the need — from accidents to disasters to homelessness — Americans generously send money, food and supplies […]

Some encouraging words for the year ahead

The question for Mesa County business owners and managers isn’t only whether the upcoming holidays will be merry and bright. That’s important, especially for retailers. But what about 2022? Fortunately, there are some encouraging words in the latest business and economic forecast for Colorado. While the COVID-19 pandemic sidetracked business and economic growth in Mesa […]

Rube Goldberg scheme threatens drug industry — and our health

When government steps in with a massive regulatory scheme to control prices in an industry, the effort equates to a Rube Goldberg machine — that is, a way of doing something in an unnecessarily complicated way. Imposing Rube Goldberg price controls on the pharmaceutical industry means lives will be diminished and lost. After all, the […]

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