Regional conference focuses on leadership and economics

Have you ever said to yourself, “Someone should do something about that?” What if that someone was you? Leading others by learning to lead from within is the theme of the Western Slope Economic Leadership Conference. The conference for high school juniors in the region is set for Nov. 2 at the Colorado Mesa University […]

Maybe I’m a Pollyanna, but news mostly good

I admit I tend to view the proverbial glass as half full rather than half empty. Presented with a pile of horse manure, I’m the guy looking for the pony. I guess I’d rather just count my blessings — cognizant circumstances could be worse and grateful they’re not. It’s an approach that applies to outlooks […]

Colorado enjoys benefits of a competitive tax code

Coloradans will soon receive a welcome surprise in the mail — a check from their state government. The controller’s office announced enough income tax revenue was generated to issue every Colorado household a modest but meaningful $70 refund. The idea of reducing the burden on taxpayers seems almost unheard of these days, especially as debate […]

Couple takes extra steps to help children

Doug and Melinda McCaw are willing to take extra steps to help children. Quite literally, a lot of extra steps. The Grand Junction couple ran the length of the Colorado Trail — 490 miles from Denver to Durango — in just 18 days in 2020 as part of a fund-raiser for Elevate Kids, an organization […]

Add property ownership to list of endangered rights

“Within a frame of transformation, the edges of the energy system begin to soften and meld into other notions of property, beyond private resource ownership and toward conceptions of shared management and control,” said Shalanda Baker, the law professor on leave from Northeastern University and nominee to become director of the Office of Minority Economic […]

Pandemic demonstrates need for crisis planning

The pandemic has shown Coloradans the importance small businesses play in our local and national economies. It was critical for entrepreneurs to change their business models and pivot overnight to new ways of selling their products and services.  The U.S. Small Business Administration highlights the resilience of entrepreneurs and renewal of the small business economy as […]

Taxing matters threaten small business owners

In my economics career, I’ve long argued the capital gains tax constitutes one of the most destructive levies government can impose. Indeed, it might be the most damaging tax. Why? The capital gains tax is a direct tax on the returns on entrepreneurship and private investment. That is, the capital gains tax reduces the potential […]

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