Commission awards latest champions of the arts

Lancer Livermont and John Hopkins were the latest recipients of annual Champion of the Arts awards presented by the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture.

The awards recognize leadership, generosity and dedication to arts and culture.

Livermont serves as president of the Western Colorado Center for the Arts board of directors as well as a member of the MusicSpark board. He previously served on the Commission on Arts and Culture and has volunteered in other capacities over the years.

Hopkins financially supports arts and culture facilities in the Grand Valley, including the Western Colorado Center for the Arts, Western Colorado Botanical Gardens and Museums of Western Colorado. He serves on several boards, including those overseeing the Eureka McConnell Science Museum, Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission, Colorado Trust and Delta Dental Foundation of Colorado.

Livermont and Hopkins were recognized during the Grand Junction Centennial Band Christmas concert and each received a piece of artwork.

Appointed by the Grand Junction City Council, members of the Commission on Arts and Culture work to cultivate an environment where arts and culture thrive.