Community Hospital switches record systems

Bart Butzine

Community Hospital in Grand Junction has switched to a new electronic medical records system.

The Meditech Expanse system enables hospital staff to provide safe, quality care while also improving communication and coordination between teams, said Bart Butzine, the chief information officer at  Community Hospital.

In addition, the system offers patients an improved online portal with features to better manage their care.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to get this EMR off the ground,” Butzine said. “I am extremely proud to be part of an organization that continually invests in our patients’ health.”

Hospital staff helped select the Meditech Expanse system.

The system provides a central source of medical records. Regardless of where a patient is treated in the Community Hospital network, providers have access to their records. That improves efficiency and gives providers more time to spend with patients, Butzine said.

The online portal offers patients tools to manage their care, including the ability to send direct messages to providers. Providers also can use the portal to track patient progress.