Congratulations to a high-flying operation

West Star Aviation operates the kind of business that makes economic developers drool. The company maintains a large work force in a high-tech industry, paying above-average wages. Moreover, the company derives nearly all of its businesses from customers well outside the region, bringing new dollars into the local economy.

Any community would be thrilled to attract a business like West Star Aviation. Fortunately for the Grand Valley, West Star Aviation long has operated a large facility at the Grand Junction Regional Airport.

So congratulations are in order for the latest accomplishment for West Star Aviation and its staff of 370. As the cover story in this very issue reports, West Star earned the top ranking for its maintenance, repair and overhaul services in a survey conducted for Professional Pilot magazine, an influential trade publication.

West Star not only offers the one-stop convenience of providing a wide range of services at one facility, but also accommodates a growing variety of aircraft, including most makes of business jets. Moreover, a key factor that differentiates West Star is the relationships it builds with customers who trust the company to work on their airplanes.

As West Star further expands its capabilities with a new paint hangar, the Grand Valley can remain grateful to have that kind of business in operation here.