Construction under way on Lincoln Park stadium complex renovations

Construction is under way on renovations to the Lincoln Park stadium complex in Grand Junction.

The project will include new bleachers at Suplizio Field, new western bleachers at Stocker Stadium, improvements to the southwest and northwest entryways as well as audiovisual, electrical and information technology upgrades.

Work will begin at Suplizio Field with the demolition of the stands behind home plate and along the third base line. Fencing will be installed around the stadium, and the path adjacent to the site will be closed to pedestrian traffic for the duration of the project. Work will extend to Stocker Stadium in the middle of November. The track will remain open to the public, but is scheduled to close at that time.

The project is scheduled for completion in May.

These renovations are part of a $10 million project funded by the City of Grand Junction, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction Baseball Committee and Mesa County School District 51.

“The Lincoln Park stadium complex is a cornerstone of this community thanks to the collaboration that enabled it and continues to improve it,” said Ken Sherbenou, director of Grand Junction Parks & Recreation Department. “We’re very appreciative to our stadium partners for their leadership to make the stadium’s positive impact upon our community as significant as possible.”