County and city move ahead on 29 Road interchange

Chuck McDaniel
Janet Rowland

Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction have entered into an agreement to proceed on work on a proposed interchange on Interstate Highway 70 at 29 Road.

The memorandum of understanding establishes agency responsibilities for work on environmental clearances and federal and state approvals as required by the Colorado Department of Transportation interchange approval process. The agreement also denotes the local share of the cost of the project will be divided equally.

“This is a project that most residents of Mesa County have wanted for a long time,” said Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland. “We are thankful to have a good working relationship with the City of Grand Junction so that we can partner on this important project.” 

Grand Junction Mayor Chuck McDaniel agreed. “Maintaining a well-planned transportation network is important to residents and our local economy. Projects like these add capacity to our network and improve the ways we move within the city.”

Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction conducted a study between 2018 and 2020 to assess the need and overall vision for improved access to I-70 between the existing Horizon Drive and I-70 Business interchanges. The study considered existing and future transportation conditions and the potential benefits and effects of a new interchange long included in local and regional transportation plans.

A detailed alternatives analysis process resulted in the recommendation of  29 Road as the preferred location for a new interchange at I-70, a roadway connection to the north of I-70 and improvements on 29 Road between I-70 and Patterson Road. 

 Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction have secured funding for an environmental clearance study of the recommended improvements. 

Funding for interchange construction and related 29 Road improvements haven’t yet been identified, so the timing of construction remains uncertain.

The interchange approval process is expected to take about three years to complete.