County to buy land for De Beque community hall

Mesa County commissioners have approved two contracts to purchase property in De Beque for a community hall.

The commissioners approved the contracts with Jones-De Beque Properties to buy about 2.5 acres near Fourth Street.

It’s expected the properties will be purchased in January and used as the location for a new community hall that will be constructed to offer a central gathering place for residents.

“Mesa County’s priority is to build a community hall in De Beque where community members can gather for group activities, social support and other purposes,” said Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis. “We have been listening to De Beque residents’ input, and we are excited to connect and empower residents to participate in the life of their community and neighborhood.”

Mesa County commissioners agreed in October to purchase 27 acres in Clifton for a new community hall as well as other facilities there. The commissioners approved an $800,000 contract between Mesa County and Mesa County School District 51 to purchase the property at 3260 D 1/2 Road. The property is located near Rocky Mountain Elementary School.

The commissioners announced in July plans to construct community halls in
De Beque and Clifton as well as Whitewater and the Loma and Mack area. The estimated cost of all four halls, including land acquisition, was estimated at $8 million.

“We are in the early stages of this project,” McInnis said. “Residents should know that Mesa County will provide an efficiently managed network of community halls across the county that provide venues for people to gather.”