Data security firm announces board addition

Dave Roshak

A data security firm headquartered in Grand Junction has added an industry veteran to its board of directors to help  manage growth.

Cloudrise announced Dave Roshak joined its board.

Founder and chief executive officer of DMR Capital, Roshak also served in leadership roles at Optiv Security, Insight Enterprises and Level (3) Communications.

“I hope to leverage the lessons I have learned over the past 20 years to enable Cloudrise to continue to scale and execute their strategy initiatives,” Roshak said. “I believe Cloudrise is uniquely positioned to benefit from two of the largest megatrends in enterprise IT today — the shift of enterprise applications and processes to cloud-based platforms and the increasing complexity of managing an effective information security program.”

Rob Eggebrecht, founder and chief executive officer of Cloudrise, hailed the addition. “Dave has been part of helping build some of the largest telecom and cybersecurity service providers in the world. He has vast experience with helping organizations scale and raise capital, but he’s also very experienced in operations management and best practices.”

Eggebrecht cited Roshak’s tenure with Optiv Security as executive vice president and chief financial officer. “His experience helping to grow Optiv into the largest cybersecurity service provider in the U.S. is, quite frankly, unparalleled.”

Roshak said he meets with security professionals at large businesses to discuss their concerns — including the difficulties they face in hiring and retaining security professionals. “This is increasingly driving a shift of enterprise focus to outsourcing of discrete security functions to trusted third parties like Cloudrise,” he said. “I believe we are really only in the first inning of this shift.”

Cloudrise provides a range of services to companies to assess their capability to protect data and offers them automated processes and other resources as well as management services. For more information, visit the website at