Directory offers guide to farmers’ markets and other attractions

The latest version of an annual publication is now available to offer information about farmers’ markets, wineries and other agricultural attractions in Colorado.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture publishes the Colorado Farm Fresh Directory. The directory is available in English and Spanish.

“This directory gives Coloradans and visitors a guide to the state’s impressive farmer’s markets culture, agritourism and other fun food, beverage and agriculture events,” said Danielle Trotta, manager of the Colorado Proud Program.

“Farm stands and markets keep Coloradans directly connected to the agricultural industry; help shorten the supply chain; and bring fresh, locally grown produce straight to our homes,” Trotta said.

The 2023 Colorado Farm Fresh Directory features a variety of businesses selling directly to the public, including more than 200 farms and ranches as well as community supported agriculture programs, farmers’ markets, roadside stands and u-pick operations.

The directory also includes listings of wineries as well as restaurants using local ingredients. The director lists corn mazes, pumpkin patches and other seasonal activities. In addition, the free directory includes a crop calendar, tips for picking Colorado produce and other resources.

For more information, view a digital version of the 2023 Colorado Farm Fresh Directory or see a map of farmers’ market locations, visit