Entrepreneur adds to video editing app to market real estate

Bill Baird
Bill Baird

Phil Castle, The Business Times

A former Grand Junction entrepreneur who developed software to make it easier to shoot and edit videos has expanded his operation to help real estate professionals market their listings.

Bill Baird, founder and chief executive officer of Loopster, now offers what’s branded as Loopster 4 Real Estate. “We have high hopes agents will find this very useful.”

Baird worked for years to develop and improve Loopster, video editing software that combines powerful features with ease of operation and enables users to shoot, edit and post videos on social media.

Now working in Boulder, Baird has expanded on the concept to help real estate professionals shoot and edit videos of homes and other properties that enable them to better market and more quickly sell listings.

By one estimate, using video to market a listing can help to sell it four times faster, Baird said. Problems arise, he said, with the time and expense involved in shooting and editing video.

Loopster 4 Real Estate addresses those issues with an application that makes it quick and easy for real estate professionals to shoot their own videos with smart phones or other mobile devices, Baird said.

The videos then can be uploaded to a server. For a $50 fee, Loopster 4 Real Estate offers professional video editing services to create a finished product, he said. Those videos then can be posted on websites, creating virtual tours that help market listings. “This is a great solution for them,” he said.

Baird said he expects Loopster 4 Real Estate to soon be available to purchase from the Apple App Store.

The initial reaction, he said, has been encouraging. “The market seems to be real excited about it.”

Using the Loopster 4 Real Estate app and their smart phone or other mobile devices, real estate professionals can quickly shoot the components of a good video, Baird said — usually in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes.

The app accommodates up to 20 video clips of up to 20 seconds each as well as 15 photographs. Users can add captions or narration.

Once the files are uploaded to a server,  Loopster 4 Real Estate creates a professionally edited video with stabilization and color enhancement as well as transitions, captions and music, Baird said. “It’s pretty cool stuff.”

Editing usually can be completed in a matter of days, he said.

Real estate professionals then download completed videos to use on their websites or add links to their multiple listing service listings.

Video has become an increasingly popular tool with which to market real estate, Baird said, especially to potential buyers unable to personally tour properties. Property managers also can use videos to market rental properties.

Baird said he worked with a real estate agent to test the Loopster 4 Real Estate app and put together a video of one of her listings. That listing sold within five days, he said.

Hiring a videographer can be an expensive proposition, though, that increases the cost of marketing while reducing the money a real estate professional ultimately earns on a commission, he said. Loopster 4 Real Estate offers a less expensive alternative, he added.

Given the number of homes sold in the United States, Baird believes there’s a potentially huge market for Loopster 4 Real Estate and he’s anxious to bring his product and services to that market. “I think there’s a big need for this.”

For more information about Loopster 4 Real Estate, visit the website at www.loopster.com.