Financial firm offers educational experiences

Ron Harrison and Terry Arnold offer a range of services through Five Rings Financial in Grand Junction. They help clients achieve their goals for investing, retirement and college savings. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle)

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Ron Harrison no longer works in a classroom, but continues to teach. And the subject matter, he said, couldn’t be more important. “I get to teach people real stuff. Stuff that matters.”

That stuff includes information about saving and investing, paying for college and retirement planning.

A former public school teacher, counselor and administrator, Harrison now works as executive vice president of Five Rings Financial and operates an agency in Grand Junction.

He works with Terry Arnold, a licensed agent and vice president. She’s equally adamant about the role of education in helping clients. “There’s a real need for the education part.”

Headquartered in Littleton, Five Rings Financial offer services across the country with a network of about 9,000 agents, Harrison said.

Those services help clients grow and protect income as well as plan and prepare for college and retirement, he said.

A program called Million Dollar Baby helps parents and grandparents save money children can use not only for college, but also a first home or even retirement.

Five Rings Financial also works with insurance companies that offer policies with what are called “living benefits” that provide funding for clients afflicted with critical, chronic or terminal illnesses.

Arnold said her brother received living benefits from his insurance policy when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. That financial relief was an important part of his recovery, she said. “It was a life safer.”

Unfortunately, the financial problems that arise with health problems and mounting medical expenses aren’t unusual, she said. “We hear those stories all the time.”

Five Rings Financial educates first, Harrison said, often through presentations offered with no charges or obligations. Agents then work with clients who have questions or want additional information. Arnold said agents develop relationships with clients to provide services that meet their unique needs. “The focus is on them.”

Five Rings Financial offers what’s called a Money 101 workshop that covers the principles related to saving and protecting money. Harrison said the workshop covers such basics as the effects of compounding interest as well as handling credit and debt and safe investment strategies.

The workshop also addresses what Arnold said remains a concern about having sufficient income for longer retirements. “People are afraid of outliving their money.”

A monthly event called Wine, Women & Wealth provides women an opportunity to gather, network and discuss financial issues. Arnold said participants appreciate the format. “They just love it.”

Harrison and Arnold said they provide financial services to help their clients, but teaching plays an important role in that process. Said Arnold: “We’re pretty much all about the education.”

For more information about Five Rings Financial, contact Ron Harrison at (719) 849-1187 or Terry Arnold at 210-1749. Information also is available at