Firm testing real estate tech in Mesa County

A company has enlisted commercial real estate brokers in Mesa County to help test a new search engine and marketing platform.

Jamis Companies plans to offer the  Commercial Co-Op platform to Colorado and, eventually, nationwide markets.

“It’s an all-in-one search engine and marketing tool for commercial real estate brokers looking to streamline their tech and improve their marketing practices,” said Jay Soneff, founder, president and chief executive officer.

“Tech costs have been increasing while the quality of the products have not been. We pay $1,800 per month for several platforms that still don’t cover our needs. We decided there has to be a better way.”

In addition to operating Jamis Companies, a real estate and investment firm in Denver, Soneff has recently purchased commercial real estate along Main Street and Ute and South avenues in Grand Junction.

Dissatisfied with the tech platforms needed to run a small real estate business, Soneff said he collaborated with his chief financial officer, Marsha Laurienti; his broker, Amy Garris; and his daughter and online marketing tech, Jaclyn Soneff. They came up the idea to consolidate multiple search and marketing platforms into one option. James Stolzenbach, a graphic designer, joined in the effort.

Laruienti brings to the venture experience in banking and mortgage services as well as property management and leasing. Garris has worked in commercial real estate in Western Colorado and the Denver area for nearly two decades.

For more information about the Commercial Co-Op, visit the website located at