Grand Junction fares well in purchasing power comparison

Grand Junction ranks among the least expensive metropolitan areas in which to live in Colorado, according to the latest comparison of purchasing power.

The Tax Foundation reported that $100 could purchase $107.18 worth of goods and services in Grand Junction compared to other metropolitan areas and regions with different price levels.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan tax research organization in Washington, D.C., based the report on the latest U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis data on the differences in price levels across metropolitan areas and states for 2018. The levels take into account consumption goods and services. Levels vary the most with housing rents.

In Colorado, Grand Junction ranked behind only Pueblo, where $100 bought $110.99 worth of goods and services. Greeley was third at $102.46, followed by Colorado Springs at $100.81 and Fort Collins at $98.04. The Denver, Aurora and Lakewood metro area came in at $95.33. Boulder was the most expensive area at $93.37. The average for nonmetro areas was $106.16.

Nationwide, $100 bought the least in large cities in California and the Northeast, the Tax Foundation reported. In contrast, $100 stretched the furthest in rural areas in the Southeast and Midwest.

Among the 15 most expensive metro areas in 2018, nine were located in California. The San Francisco, Oakland and Hayward area ranked as the most expensive of all, where $100 bought $75.99 worth of goods. The purchasing power of $100 was slightly higher in Los Angeles at $85.40.

The New York, Newark and Jersey City area ranked fifth in 2018 with $100 purchasing $80.58. In the Boston, Cambridge and Newton area, $100 purchased $87.57 in goods.

Among the 15 least expensive metro areas in 2018, three each were located in Alabama and Georgia and two each in Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas. Beckley, W.Va., was the least expensive metro area. There, $100 could purchase $130.55 worth of goods and services.