Grand Valley companies awarded for workplace safety efforts

Five Grand Valley companies are among 50 Colorado employers receiving recognition for their efforts to ensure workplace safety.

Asphalt Specialists and Supply, DW Metal Works, HRL Compliance Solutions and Munro Companies in Grand Junction received the 2019 Circle of Safety Award. So did ADESCO in Fruita.

Pinnacol Assurance, a workers’ compensation insurer, presents the awards to policyholders that meet criteria for safety, loss control and financial and claims management.

“It’s crucial that businesses take proactive safety measures to protect their employees, and we’re seeing that’s especially true amid a pandemic,” said Josh Kreger, director of safety, innovation and strategy for Pinnacol Assurance.
“An unwavering commitment to a strong safety program is the foundation of a safer workplace as businesses confront the unique challenges of COVID-19. An investment in risk management directly benefits businesses’ operational productivity and employees’ physical safety. It also can foster engagement, trust and loyalty, all of which help keep employees living safe and healthy lives.”

To be eligible, companies must be a policyholder for at least four consecutive years, hold certification for preventing workplace injuries and controlling insurance-related costs, report
80 percent or more of claims within 48 hours over the past four years, have a combined four-year ratio of claims paid to premiums equal or less than 35 percent and experience a modification rate of employer claims costs compared with industry average of 0.88 or less. Companies also must have two or fewer cancellation notices a year and no workplace fatalities.

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