Grand Valley Power to switch supplier

Tom Walch
Jeffrey Heit

An electric cooperative serving Mesa County has announced an agreement to purchase power from a Denver-based supplier.

Grand Valley Power selected Guzman Energy to provide electricity under a 15-year agreement scheduled to begin June 1, 2028. Until then, Grand Valley Power will continue to purchase electricity from Xcel Energy.

“After navigating several years of volatile wholesale energy prices, we are pleased to partner with Guzman,” said Tom Walch, chief executive officer of Grand Valley Power. “Beginning in 2028, the new partnership will ensure that we deliver reliable and affordable electricity at fixed wholesale rates, stabilizing the cost of purchased power for our members.”

Grand Valley Power serves more than 19,000 meters in the Mesa County area. When the new agreement takes effect, it will eliminate the monthly fuel cost charges Grand Valley Power members pay, providing savings, Walch said.

“Communities want power cost stability and predictability,” said Jeffrey Heit, principal and managing director of Guzman Energy. “Guzman Energy is proud to be supplying wholesale power in cost-effective ways while maintaining reliability. We look forward to our new partnership with Grand Valley Power in service to their member owners.”

While Guzman Energy will provide electricity to Grand Valley starting on June 1, 2028, Grand Valley Power will continue to partner with Xcel to deliver electricity through its transmission infrastructure to Grand Valley Power’s distribution system. Guzman will either own the generation assets used to provide electric energy for Grand Valley Power or hold commitments for that energy from identifiable generation assets and providers.

Guzman Energy works with cooperatives as well as companies, municipalities and tribes across North America.

Guzman Energy supplies power to the Delta-Montrose Electric Association based in Montrose and recently reached an agreement to supply the Yampa Valley Electric Association and its members in northwest Colorado and southern Wyoming.