Green-thumbed entrepreneur makes it her business to share passion for plants

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Lynnsey Munroe sells a variety of plants and accessories at It’s a Plant Thang, a shop she opened in downtown Grand Junction. Munroe said sales at the shop and online have increased during the coronavirus pandemic as people spend more time at home and indoors. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle

Lynnsey Munroe sports a decidedly green thumb, one developed through a lifelong passion for caring for plants. But she caters to customers with brown or even black thumbs.

“I want people to come in and buy something that succeeds,” Munroe said.

While Munroe sells rare houseplants and those that might be a bit temperamental, she also carries in her diverse inventory plants that thrive without too much fuss.

In addition, she sells soils mixed for specific types of plants. And she offers at no charge answers to questions.

Munroe wants people to discover what she said are the joys and benefits of caring for plants. “It will make everything better.”

The timing couldn’t be better, she said, as the coronavirus pandemic prompts people to spend more time at home.

Munroe operates It’s a Plant Thang and recently opened a shop in downtown Grand Junction in a space above Triple Play Records. She also offers plants online, and said sales are divided about equally between her storefront and website.

Munroe said she focuses on houseplants that thrive inside as opposed to the larger plants that grow outdoors as part of landscaping. She purchases some plants for resale — including rare plants imported from other countries. But she also grows plants in her shop and in a small greenhouse.

While houseplants serve as decorations, they also can promote well-being, she said. Lavender, for example, relieves stress and improves sleep. There are other health benefits from houseplants, including purifying air and reducing mold.

That’s not to mention the gratification that accompanies gardening, only on a smaller scale and indoors, Munroe said. “It’s a different kind of gardening.”

Munroe said she’s collected and cared for plants for most of her life. “I’ve always loved plants.”

She obtained a nursery license and started selling plants online. In August, she opened her shop.

Sales have increased in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, she said, as people look for activities they can pursue at home.

Munroe brings to her venture not only her knowledge of caring for plants, but also her experience in photography and marketing. She’s taken photographs of furnishings and a variety of other products — and now the plants she grows and sells.

She also brings her training and experience in fine arts to decorating her shop. Various materials have been repurposed to display plants — including old chairs that hang on walls to serve as shelves. With vivid colors everywhere, she described the setting as a mix of beauty and chaos.

Munroe said she hopes to expand the operation at her shop to offer more plants as well as rarer plants. She also hopes to offer classes on various aspects of caring for plants.

It’s all part of an effort to help others develop green thumbs, she said.

But for those who thumbs remain brown or even black for now, Munroe offers plants and knowledge to help them succeed.

It’s a Plant Thang is located at 530 Main St., Suite A, above Triple Play Records in downtown Grand Junction. For more information, call 549-0167 or visit