Health and fitness a long, but rewarding, journey

Paula Reece
Paula Reece

We live in a society of quick fixes. Hundreds of books, videos, diets and machines come with claims to help you improve your health and fitness. More often than not, people fall for empty promises of rapid weight loss and perfect bodies when getting in shape can be a difficult task.

The key to getting in shape isn’t a new machine, pills or diet, but something that’s been keeping people fit and enjoying quality life for years. The answer is a healthy lifestyle that incorporates nutrition, exercise, good habits and a sense of happiness.

Look in the mirror. There you are — a wonderful person. Everything you see:  your physique, your skin, your hair, your expression  … everything is a reflection of what’s going on inside. You only get one of you, so don’t you owe it to yourself to take care of you?

Because our bodies are so complex, our lives are so busy and there are so many options from which to choose, living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. By making a decision to improve and move towards this goal, you’ll feel better and look better inside and out.

Nutrition, the fuel you put in your body, is more important than you think. “Every bite of food you take is a hugely complex blend of thousands and thousands of chemicals that interact in millions of important ways with different parts of your body,” said Dr. Henry S. Lodge, co-author of “Younger Next Year.”

Our bodies need quality, nutrient-packed foods to perform for life. Challenge yourself to try to make a few positive changes in your daily eating. 

Our bodies were meant to exercise and be active. The common excuse of “I don’t have time to exercise” should be changed to “I don’t have time NOT to exercise.”  Keeping your heart and lungs strong, your muscles lean and toned and your weight in check will lead to a better life. There’s no quick fix to exercise. It’s an everyday activity. Whether you’re working out in the gym or hiking in the mountains, your body was meant to be active.

Habits are choices that are repeated. It’s difficult to change habits. Work on breaking bad habits and developing good ones.  When you begin to practice good habits, you’ll find it becomes part of you. You won’t have to think twice about getting in a workout or making a healthy dinner.

Remember when you looked in the mirror. What was your expression? Are you happy? Your moods, emotions, feelings and expressions are important parts of a healthy you. Smile, laugh and be silly. Think about what makes you happy. Putting daily nuances into an end-of-world scale usually brings them down to size. Become the person you want to be around each day.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the answer. There’s no book, diet or pill that will create this lifestyle for you. It’s a life-long, but rewarding, journey well worth taking.

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