Here’s the column I wanted to write, but just can’t …

Craig Hall

As many readers know, I usually have no problem writing whatever’s on my mind. I also use hackneyed humor, slathering sarcasm and honed hypocrisy in my columns. Oh, I occasionally use alliteration. And I always use sets of three in sentences. I read somewhere threes work best when using examples to make a point, stress opinions and get facts into the open. 

Yet today, I’d use those at my own risk. You see, if I wrote the column I wanted to write …

I’d write about the vacuous, hypocritical Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) wearing an insulting, tacky and expensive white gown to a $30,000 A PLATE “gala” with the vapid phrase “Tax the Rich” looking gang-tagged across her backside. Forgetting she looked like a Chick-fil-A to-go bag (lovely twist of irony there) and some bad fashion and political advice, her blindness to the real world was on display for her maskless co-mingling with the very group she claims she’s against while lusting to become an exclusive member. 

AOC uses the barrel of the gun of government to not tax the rich, but rather tax the middle class and poor with her demands to tax everything under the sun or take away every product and freedom we need, desire and have a right to so she and her elite friends can control all us rubes. Tying this to Global Warming, COVID-19 and the budget is simply evil. 

I’d discuss how government is firing staff who refuse to take an experimental vaccine. Since the federal government has no power to constitutionally “mandate” this against individual rights and yet has upheld the right to “choose” ( unconstitutionally), how does this occur? I can tell you how: extortion. Look no further for an expert than Joe “Son of a Bitch” Biden as the guy to do it. He’s always been a bully (ask Ukraine), and now he has a pulpit and uses it against the people. 

What’s Joe using for his extortion? His go to: the threat of withholding federal money to those who refuse to comply — be it payroll, Medicare or Medicaid or the myriad federal subsidies from spending the trillions we don’t have. I’ve never met an actual extortionist (well, maybe one on a small scale). But I’d have to believe one who uses big business and leverages taxpayer monies against the citizenry is the lowest form. 

I’d write about our little dictator in Denver for going along with the same tactic — as we all knew he would given his lust for power and control over all the people he feels wronged by throughout his life. To be honest, that’s why most folks go into politics: revenge. Because getting one’s way through government force is, for all too many, the only way they can get their way. 

What did Pontius Polis wash his hands of? Firing health care workers across the state who refuse to comply with his “emergency” orders to take an experimental injection. I know plenty in Mesa County who’ve already lost their jobs as I type. Oh sure, they were good enough to do the governor’s dirty work in getting the numbers he needed to keep the emergency going. Now he’s firing them to keep the numbers he needs to extend it. And he’s abusing the overseers of “public health” to do it because he’s simply a coward. If COVID (or the flu or any other virus or coronavirus we’ve treated differently) didn’t sicken you, this should. 

I’d write about Mesa County. Between the hospitals and county commissioners, I’m deeply saddened and angered by their actions and inactions. But such things happen when one’s place at the trough is threatened. Given how the county tracks “outbreaks” and can’t show even the smallest of ones in a hospital or medical setting outside a couple of contained ones in senior homes, just what is the impetus of these firings? Health care workers have done the job and kept folks safe while healing them — and did so volunteering for extra shifts, working in dangerous settings and being declared heroes without the injection. But we now fire people for this? 

Where are our county commissioners?  Why haven’t they mandated there can be no firings for anyone exercising their inalienable rights? Are they too busy searching for another proclamation because they’ve run out? Where are our community “leaders” on this? Waiting for the stage and mics to be set up for the Dillard’s opening? 

Let’s face it, if you give most elected officials, appointed bureaucrats or community leaders emergency powers, you can be damned sure an emergency will occur. And since COVID worked, you can be further ensured we’ll be living under some emergency the rest of our lives. And if you think for one minute the Republicans (like we allegedly have here) won’t do the same once they get power back, I guess you aren’t seeing the fact Warp Speed kills. 

Don’t get me started on schools and their “masked” dictates that lead to only one conclusion — they own our kids. 

But alas, I can’t write about these kinds of things. I could lose advertising. So I’ll leave it be. 

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or