How are you liking your government-run health care?

Craig Hall

Because when push comes to shove — and it’s always some type of force when it comes to government — that’s exactly what we’re living under now. 

Because once you strip away every bureaucrat and elected know-it-all from the mandates, laws and power grabs by politicos, who is at the core of every decision in our lives today? 

The answer is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; and federal, state and local health departments. Why? Because we’ve been conned into believing they’re the only ones capable of making healthy medical and life decisions for our country. Let’s look at some things you’ve been warned about should the government take control of our health care. 

First up are all the mandates we’re exposed and influenced by daily. Now you might think the reason is because our elected leaders have all these emergency powers, which can be a good thing because crucial decisions must be made quickly in a state of emergency. (I’d tell you the only reason our electeds passed such a law was in the hopes their party was in power when the emergency happened because both parties’ lust for power is so overwhelming, but that’s another column for another day.) But what kind of emergency do we have? A HEALTH emergency. 

How else do you get mask mandates, vaccine mandates, shut down mandates, social distancing mandates, vaccine passports and the rest of the evil coming from our elected betters unless they’re discussing all of the above with “health experts?” How many times has the little, petty, evil Dr. Anthony Fauci pontificated on national television (I know, myriad) some grand idea — all while saying it in such a humble, nice manner known from government bureaucrats — which within weeks becomes the next mandate? The answer is EVERY time. 

How about rationing of services?
It wasn’t that long ago we used to brag about how our health care system treated everyone who came through the door. Now, think about how many folks you know who went to the emergency room with COVID-19 symptoms only to be told to go home. And if they hit the point they can’t breathe, they should come back. Whose idea is that? Who made the policy in Democrat-run states to inflict death and suffering in our nursing homes by sending COVID-positive cases back into our most vulnerable populations?  

How many drugs have been banned in the treatment of COVID for outpatient use? How many drugs are allowed for inpatient use (hint: ONE) for COVID sufferers? Why can’t we visit loved ones in the hospital? Why is the federal government buying up the supply of monoclonal antibodies and distributing it as it sees fit? Why is it some states are distributing the same antibodies based on race? And now we’re at the point where government demands the medical records of certain patients — in spite of the whole HIPPA thing — to see what they are being prescribed. It can only happen under government-run health care. 

Who do you think came up with the term “essential” when it came to businesses, employees and people? Now in Colorado, you might think that was Pontius Polis’ decision. I can assure you it wasn’t. Because just like when President Donald Trump presented the idea of shuttering businesses, entities and places we work at or desire to go to, there was always the fashionista-scarved, gravel-voiced or head- nodding “health expert” on the stage with their reasoned assurance why only certain activities in our economy would be allowed (for, you know, 15 days) for the “health and well-being” of the nation. 

And who and what is essential leads us to the privileged partners of government. Not too long ago, our government was battling Big Pharma for every little side effect (and the ambulance chasers and attorneys general as well) known to result from medications. Seen any television ads saying, “If you’ve been harmed by the vaccine, call the Bone Crusher, he’ll get you the compensation you deserve?” Nor will you because today, Big Pharma partners with government to mandate its product via the select “health experts” who are actually allowed a voice in the debate. 

You know who else is in partnership with government? Every place of business requiring a vaccine passport for folks  to come into their establishments. Every airline (well, airlines are government-controlled already) that has flight attendants policing the aisles yelling at passengers to mask up between bites and sips. Every business requiring COVID tests for workers to work even though asymptomatic is a thing made up of whole cloth by? Health experts. Even in Grand Junction, privilege was extended to certain businesses who went above and beyond in doing what the local health director demanded so they could open to more clientele. 

Name the last time the news led off with any story — outside of some rare, humanitarian disaster event — that wasn’t about COVID. You can’t. And why is that? Because every story about COVID has been manipulated to be about one’s personal health. 

And one’s health is everything. And the government now runs it.

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or