It’ll work this time — once we’ve spent enough money

Craig Hall

Has there ever been a more overused word in government than “underfunded?”

Social Security? Underfunded, Medicare and Medicaid? Underfunded. Education? Underfunded.  Infrastructure? Underfunded. Welfare? Underfunded. IRS? Underfunded. Postal Service? Underfunded. 

Pick your federal government agency? Underfunded. Defense …? Wait a tick. The ONLY one OVERFUNDED is the only one that’s constitutional. 

But that’s how socialists roll. 

 Take the current one in the White House. Does our puppet-in-chief have any plan anywhere that isn’t a few trillion here or a few trillion there to “help” the people. This tells me two things: I know where all this COVID relief money is coming from and I sure know where it’s not going. The people. Why? Because money taken at the barrel of a gun from the people you claim to help never helps those people. And the demise of everything I listed above is your proof. Just ask yourself if any service you’ve received has improved or gotten worse over the years? If you say yes, it’s no wonder you voted for the guy in his basement and you approve of running the printing presses 24/7. 

Of course, underfunding isn’t just limited to the federal government. States have been doing it for ages as well. Yes, even states with balanced budget amendments in their constitutions. As always, look to California as the leader in anything bad (boy has the meaning of the phrase turned ugly since, “As California goes, so goes America.”) in terms of government policy spending. I recall writing years ago the only reason California hasn’t left the union due to its anti-Americanism is because in the end it will need the feds to bail it out. Here we are now. 

Worse, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Michigan, to name a few, have jumped on the bandwagon. And no, it ain’t due to COVID-19. These folks were broke well before their governors made things even worse by shuttering their tax base and destroying homes, businesses and lives. But they also knew one other thing (even worse considering what they did with COVID to their survival). Once Democrats got in charge of Washington, help would be on the way. For those of you who vote Democrat, that would be the help that isn’t coming to you as promised by President Mumbles. He bought you off with a grand or so. Then again, the plan is to give crumbs to the masses while extorting them to scream “tax the rich,” while hating others better off so the feds can confiscate, print and spend more money. 

Colorado is working hard to join this elite group of teat-suckers. After all, we’ve elected an economically illiterate, tyrant as governor and have Democrats running everything at the state level. Of course, in Colorado we have that pesky balanced budget law, so the Politburo (formally known as the Colorado General Assembly) needs to do a lot of workarounds like exponential fee raising, gas taxes that raise EXISTING tax levels by not creating a new tax and passing whatever they want to bring about their delusional socialist utopia.  

Of course, the biggest boondoggle right now (don’t worry, a new one is coming tomorrow) is about roads and infrastructure. Hence the new “gas tax” they say isn’t a tax. Fact is, there was a time when 10 percent of the state budget automatically went to roads, but that was eliminated years ago. Truth is, our elected betters budget little for roads. That way they’ll always need more. And while their ongoing finagling might work to extort monies, their plans never will. That’s because their only plan is to confiscate and spend more money. 

Closer to home, our most underfunded entity is known as School District 51. I honestly don’t know what to say other than this: It’ll never have enough money, and it will come to the trough year after year with it’s rallying cry of, “If you don’t do this, you hate kids.” I mean, who builds a high school (or any school) with a life expectancy of 50 years? And worse, spends the next 50 years bitching it’s out of date while literally doing nothing budget-wise to replace it except ballot measure after ballot measure tugging on heartstrings as the only answer? You got it. District 51. And look for special education and needs to be the latest ploy. 

I grew up in a town similar in size to Grand Junction. Around 1974, it was time for a new high school to be built. Money was allocated to build the school. For a year, the 8-9 school and high school shared a building on half days. Sacrifices were made and the building opened in spring of 1975 — FULLY PAID. I don’t know how (or why) school budgets have changed since then, but I do know District 51 budgets about 1 percent of its taxpayer confiscation to buildings and maintenance. I say that last part because that old high school I shared for a year back in the day is still in service as Monroe Middle School even though it was built in the 1920s. 

Here’s my thoughts on the examples above: Where’s the damned budgeting and planning? Problem is, with the taxing power, weaponry, printing presses and dividing abilities of those in charge, there’s no incentive for fiscal responsibility. The trough is always open.

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or